Get Audiomodern FREEZR For FREE When You Purchase Any Audiomodern Product


Plugin Boutique offers a free copy of the FREEZR sequencer plugin when you purchase any Audiomodern product in December.

Up until December 5th, if you purchase Chordjam, Loopmix, Riffer, Playbeat, or the Random Generators pack from Audiomodern at PluginBoutique, you’ll receive the brand new Freezr plugin FREE with your order.

This offer is part of the Audiomodern Black Friday Sale, which means you can take advantage of their plugins being discounted up to 36% off.

If you’re new to Audiomodern, they specialize in creative, intuitive, and performance-oriented sequencer plugins.

Their user interfaces share similarities between various products, so once you get to know one, you’ll quickly get your head around the others.

Freezr, a supercharged Freeze sequencer plugin designed to capture and sequence audio innovatively and expressively, is the latest addition to their catalog.

In a nutshell, it freezes segments of audio in real-time for expressive manipulation during performance, and it can generate an infinite amount of rhythmic stutters for limitless creative possibilities.

One of the best and most sought-after features inside Audiomodern products is, in fact, the randomization button. It is found at the top, and when combined with the Infinite mode, it continuously generates new sequences randomly.

A plugin like this is perfect for IDM, Glitch, Breakcore, and the more experimental kind of electronic music genres.

You can easily generate complex rhythmic movements in your tracks and create and manipulate the sequences on the fly.

At the bottom of Freezr, you can save up to 16 different patterns and trigger them via your MIDI keyboard.

The central display features the sequencer part, which can differ between the left and the right channels in Stereo mode for cool results.

At the right of it, you can select the range of randomization values, hence controlling the randomization process to your liking.

At the top, there are several parameters to further customize the effect. For instance, with the Gate and Smooth sliders, you can shape the overall stutter effect and how long or smooth each stutter will be.

The Complexity slider does exactly what you would expect by its name – by increasing its value, the patterns generated become more complex and unpredictable.

Another great feature inside Freezr is the filtering option found at the top right of the interface. You can select between High-Pass, Band-Pass, and Low-Pass filter modes and modify the cutoff and resonance.

If you combine filtering with the stuttering effects, you can expect all kinds of quirky and unusual results.

Freezr is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems, with VST, VST3, AU, AAX, AUv3, and standalone as available formats.

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  1. If you already have something like Playbeat, you can buy a soundpack on the AudioModern website and use the BLACK23 coupon code to get 30% off, so about $3 for an expansion pack and then still get Freezr for free since there’s no minimum. It’s a cool little glitcher and throwing a delay on after it makes it super dope.

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