AIR Music Tech Bassline Is FREE For A Limited Time!


You can download AIR Music Tech’s Bassline plugin for FREE for a limited time in the Black Friday giveaway.

It’s that time of year again; the Black Friday week will be here shortly, and hopefully, we can pick up some great deals before it’s over.

This year, AIR Music Tech is getting into the swing of things a little early with a special limited-time offer.

AIR Music Tech’s Bassline usually costs £49.99, but you can download it for free while the offer lasts (the end date isn’t yet confirmed, so get it fast).

Bassline brings a modern approach to the sound of classic mono synths. AIR Music Tech combines authentic tube circuit modeling with award-winning effects and lets you dive deep into subtractive synthesis to recreate vintage analog sounds.

If you’re a Pro Tools user, you might be familiar with AIR VACCUM, the virtual poly synth that introduced AIR’s vacuum tube circuit modeling.

Bassline features an enhanced version of that vacuum tube circuit modeling that delivers the crunch and warmth of your favorite analog sounds from the 70s and 80s.

A flexible oscillator with continuously variable waveshape is at the core of this Cybermonth freebie. The oscillator includes Saw, Octave-Saw, Square, and Sine waveforms.

If you want to create thicker, more detailed, or characterful timbres, you can add Sub and Fifth oscillators.

Bassline also includes some effects from the AIR Creative FX Collection, including Chorus, Delay, Compressor, Reverb, and Hype EQ.

Each effect has a dedicated section, making it easy to make and keep track of adjustments. Along with the above effects, Bassline features two built-in distortion algorithms and low/high-pass filters to shape your sound further.

While the Bassline synth offers ample opportunity to shape unique sounds, it has 150 factory presets to help you get started. The presets include everything from heavy-hitting basses to lush pads and soaring leads.

In addition to this freebie, AIR Music Tech has a bunch of huge Cybermonth discounts available on various products, including Boom, Strike 2, and Hype.

You can also get a preview of AIR’s exclusive subscriber-only Black Friday week deals that will run between 20th and 27th November.

Bassline is a great way to kick off the month of November with some old-school analog sounds.

You’ll need some fitting drums to go with Bassline, so here’s one more reminder to check out our BPB Cassette Drums plugin.

Bassline is available in 64-bit AU, VST, and AAX formats for macOS (10.10 – 12x) and Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11).

Download: Bassline (FREE for a limited time, normal price $49.99)


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James is a musician and writer from Scotland. An avid synth fan, sound designer, and coffee drinker. Sometimes found wandering around Europe with an MPC in hand.


  1. Frank Labuschagne


    Well, dunno if this an issue, but whrn i download it the file is “inmusic sofwatre center darwin”

    Is that more crappy download manager stuff?

  2. How exactly did you get it for PC? After I entered my data, all I got was a download for “inMusic Software center”, and this download was MacOS only.

  3. How does one actually download this? I went through the purchase and the download options are 2 zip files. with no exe in it? it seems as though the only download options were for mac?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi, thanks for the comment. If you’re referring to the lack of a Windows version. I’m not sure what’s going on. The plugin is available for both platforms, and the giveaway doesn’t say anything about being macOS-only. I had earlier assumed that one of the two Software Center download links would be for Windows, but I see now after the comments that both are macOS – so, perhaps that’s a mistake with the link on their backend, but I can only speculate.

      If there are any other errors above, please let me know, and I’ll make any necessary corrections. Thanks.

        • Avatar photo

          Hey DGU, thanks, and I’m glad to hear that!

          It seems that we aren’t all having the same experience, but just to update what I said in my last comment – I can now see both Mac and Windows downloads in my inMusic profile (for whatever reason, on my MacBook, the software downloads section was blank, but after signing in on my desktop machine, the downloads show -inexplicably haha)

          I hope everyone gets it sorted now, and there are no other issues for Windows users.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We all make mistakes. That said, James didn’t make a mistake here, there seems to be an error on the developer’s website.

      • We made a mistake…and they approved it!

        This is the Quote from AirMusic tech Tomi.

        I thinks its an intended pun.

      • He did, as he deleted the first comment pointing out the issue.Thus, othersd would’ve wasted their time as a result.

        • Avatar photo

          Hey Iso, I don’t monitor or act as admin for the comments, and I always appreciate people taking the time to point out potential issues. It seems like most people have managed to get it working now.

          Unfortunately, the process wasn’t as straightforward as it should have been, and that will have put some people off, but I hope inMusic will make sure the user experience is better next time.

  4. Might be a nice synth, but there is a limit to how many “software centers” I’m willing to fill my computer with. Somebody tell me if it is worth it.

  5. It makes me download this:
    Download inMusic Software (124.60MB)
    I can’t find a way to install it, I can’t find the executable, can someone help me???

  6. All of my other Air Music Tech products don’t work on Apple Silicon, I believe (they only make them for Apple Intel, as far as I know) – by chance can anyone confirm whether this plugin is any different? Thank you!

  7. For PC installation:

    When you register you get an InMusic Profile email – log in to your profile, go to My Registered Products and there you will find bassline. Click on that and then go to downloads and you will find a link to the PC Install.

    Yes, agree, another software installation manager, but it works in getting the product installed.

    But, having dot it installed and activated, I can’t seem to get it to work in Reaper 7. No difference between bypassed and not. Am about to give up on it, but interested to see if anyone else has it working on PC, especially in Reaper.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi OMT, thanks for that – hopefully that’s easier than downloading a trial version for Windows as I suggested. The website is might be playing up because I can’t view downloads in my account, only the serial, and purchase/registration details (the view downloads button won’t function on my end).

      But, if others can view them as you are, that’s a less tedious path, thanks.

  8. Avatar photo

    Hey all, sorry for the confusion with this one regarding a Windows version. Since there’s no information to say that the giveaway is macOS-only, I have to guess that it’s an error/oversight.

    You can find your serial number by going through the “manage your orders” link in the order confirmation email, albeit the process was a little janky on my end. Perhaps downloading a Windows trial version of Baseline from

    and activating it by signing into your inMusic account could be a workaround. I tried this on a second macOS machine, and it activates and runs fine without asking me to install the Software Center. Unfortunately, I’ve no Windows machine here at the moment to test that, but I’d hope that since you’ll have a serial number in your inMusic account, it will work the same way.

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

  9. Maybe the direct installers called “updates” here will work (for Win and Mac). With old Air synths, the update installers are full installers.

  10. Thanks for the freebie, but it used to be possible to install AIR plugins from an executable
    I already have too many portals on my computer.
    To me it appears this freebie is a way to promote yet another portal

    • Avatar photo

      Hey Numanoid. If it’s any use, I installed a trial version of Bassline on my desktop machine (macOS), and activated it by signing into my inMusic account (after ordering the freebie), and clicking through the Activate buttons on the plugin, and it’s working perfectly without having the Software Center installed.

      It’s working in standalone mode, and in Logic Pro. I imagine the same would apply to a Windows machine, although I’m unable to test that here.

    • Same situation for Windows. Downloaded Install-Bassline-v1.1.0-release.exe from the link in the email. Created an account on InMusic (with one password reset). Started the VST plug-in from VSTHost, clicked several times on Acivate, then the same in the browser that opened automatically and finally got the activated plug-in, without installing the Software Center.

  11. All download Links are inside my account now !
    But … i see no nowhere my License Key ….just the download links ! :-(

    Inside my order i see Just This :

    “””…Thank you for your order! We will send a copy of all important order information to your email address….””
    Install-Bassline-v1.1.0-release.exe (46.73MB)
    inMusic Software (124.60MB)
    inMusic Software Center-1.11.0 Setup.exe (123.41MB)

    No License Keys …no serial nothing. …Just the installer für windows and Mac !
    Might be a nice synth but …is this just a trial Version ?

    • Avatar photo

      Hey, it seems that some of us are seeing different things in our accounts. I had issues earlier with the downloaders, but all is fine now.

      If you are signed in at

      You should be seeing a serial number, and Mac/Windows downloads. If you still aren’t, I’m not sure why not, but it’s a full version.

  12. Thank you James,
    A nice vst. BUT…

    Can I install it on an audio computer without the need for an internet connection on it? Or should I need their “InMusic” software in order to use the plugin and upload it only on a computer with internet?

    The Izotope eq had the same issue for me…

    I just can’t stand the necessarity for activations

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Davey,

      I have it working on a macOS machine without the Software Center by downloading a trial version after ordering the freebie, (the plugin only), and activating it by signing into my account. When you load the plugin after installation, it should prompt you to sign in then activate. Of course, you’ll need an internet connection to sign into your account after you load the plugin, but it seems to cut out the Software Center fine.

      I can’t say it’s the same for Windows, but I wouldn’t see why not. I can’t say for sure there would be no issues down the line caused by not having the Software Manager – maybe more hassle to update, etc.

  13. The Sound Of Lex


    As our friend James says, download the trial, Mac or Windows and activate with your InMusic account and enjoy.
    Greetings to all.

  14. No serial number visible in the account…
    the plugin works in trial mode :-(
    if I try to activate it it asks me for the serial number (which never arrived);
    links to the various installers are present in the emails and in the account,
    but nothing serial….
    any ideas?

  15. Installing plugins from AIR Music Techis always difficult. I have Xpand!2 and Mini Grand licenses and they have some weird conditions on instalation.
    In this case, if you need a bass synth, I highly recommend SynthMaster 2 Player, which is currently still free and generally sounds on similar with Sylenth 1.

  16. If you select (All Software) from the left panel of the InMusic Software Center, you can update other softwares such as MPC beats by Akai Professional (if you already have it installed).

  17. Frank Labuschagne


    Not wasting my time with any of these brand “freebies” again. I can point out YET more inMusic errors. Nor will I consider any AIr tech products, as a result.

  18. Hi, BPB Admin(s)

    I don’t know if you guys already known about this. Vstbuzz is offering the LO.VE Piano ( a Yamaha C7 previously worth 29$) which is compatible with free Kontakt player now.

  19. I download it, but everytime it asks for the serial and offers me to buy a license…everything is logged air inmusic accounts…i dont what i am doing wrong…

  20. airmusic has got to be hands down , the worst site for accessing your account. I have purchased most of their products but cant access any of them.

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