Waves Audio Will Release A New FREE Plugin On Black Friday


Waves Audio has announced they will offer a new plugin for FREE on Black Friday, November 24th. Only 10,000 free licenses will be available, and users can sign up now to reserve their licenses.

Receiving a free plugin from Waves on Black Friday has become a tradition in the music production space, much like getting a freebie from Native Instruments in time for Christmas.

We received some absolute gems for free in the past, my favorite being the Sibilance de-esser plugin. It’s worth noting that Waves received a lot of negative feedback earlier this year when moving (temporarily) to a subscription-only platform, so it will be interesting to see if the situation will reflect in any way on this year’s Black Friday freebie.

Waves typically announce the giveaway a few weeks in advance, and they do so without revealing anything about the forthcoming freebie.

The situation is the same this year. The only thing we know about the Black Friday 2023 freebie from Waves is that it will be a new plugin (and not a free re-issue of one of their existing products).

However, unlike the previous years, the number of available free licenses is limited. Waves Audio will only offer 10,000 free copies of the Black Friday freebie.

Interested users can sign up to reserve their free license starting today. To claim your free Waves Audio plugin, visit the promo page linked below and enter your email address.

After submitting your email, all that’s left to do is wait for Black Friday and keep a close eye on your inbox.

The confirmation page doesn't provide any additional information about the free Waves plugin.

The confirmation page doesn’t provide any additional information about the free Waves plugin.

The only other clue we have is a pixelated image of the plugin, but it doesn’t reveal much. It seems the plugin will have a gray background, one large knob, a couple of smaller knobs, and a meter on the right-hand side of the GUI.

I inspected the pixelated image as closely as possible but found no hints about the plugin’s functionality. The large knob could indicate that this might be a plugin with one specific purpose, such as a saturator or a stereo widener, but that is pure speculation.

Does anyone have access to one of those “enhancement” programs they always use in the movies?

Anyway, you can sign up today and wait until Black Friday to get the Waves Audio freebie.

Speaking of which, Waves already launched its early Black Friday deals, offering plugins for only $19.99. You can find that and many other discounts on our Black Friday 2023 deals page.

Do you have any ideas what this year’s Waves Black Friday could be? Leave your wildest guesses in the comments section below.

Get the deal: Waves Audio (sign up today to get a free plugin on Black Friday)


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  1. How is that, Simon?

    Is the plugin world blocked for Israel? tell us more about it, please. Thank you.

    I wish the best for you and your counrtry.

    • Yeah, but then again… what are the chances of it being a plugin that you just don’t need? Their last year’s plugin was a tube saturation and distortion one called “Lil Tube”. I mean… Waves would be the last place for me to buy such one.

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