Waves Audio Sibilance De-Esser Is FREE This Black Friday!


Waves Audio is offering the brand new Sibilance vocal de-esser effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats as a FREE download this Black Friday. The company is also offering an additional $29 value plugin with every $50 purchase.

According to the information provided on Waves Audio’s website, Sibilance is a transparent vocal de-essing tool based on the innovative Organic ReSynthesis technology. With a focus on workflow speed and transparency, Sibilance will quickly detect and remove harsh syllables while retaining the natural tone of the processed audio signal. This will allow the mixing engineer to make the vocals sound brighter overall without introducing harshness in the high end of the spectrum.

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I still haven’t tested Waves Audio Sibilance in a mix, but the plugin seems very well engineered and easy to use judging by the screenshots. The incoming audio waveform and amount of applied de-essing are shown on the top of the user interface, with the threshold, detection sensitivity, de-essing mode controls positioned right below. It seems that the user can also monitor the de-essed signal in solo to make sure that plugin isn’t cutting out too much frequency content.

By the way, yesterday we asked you guys what this year’s Waves Audio’s exclusive Black Friday freebie could be and our reader Heist was right to suspect that it’s going to be a de-esser. Hats off to you and congrats on your detective skills, Mr. Heist! :)

Learn more about Sibilance by clicking here. To download your free copy of Sibilance, visit the giveaway page linked below and enter a valid email address. The download key and your personal serial number should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes. Happy mixing! :)

On a related note, Waves Audio is currently running a huge Black Friday sale, offering discounts on all of their products. They are also offering a free plugin with every purchase above $50 and two free plugins if you spend $100 or more in their online store. The freebie add-on offer only covers their $29 plugins but it’s still a great deal as there’s a whole bunch of great software to choose from at that price.

More info: Waves Audio Sibilance (FREE this Black Friday!)

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      • I don’t like bloated stuff, especially since all installers like that insist on putting s*** on my C: drive despite being told to install somewhere else. I’m glad the plugin is good, I still got a license just in case.

  1. Awful experience with waves central and this plugin. Terrible installation mechanics, errors everywhere and the plugin isn’t compatible with several DAWS. Works well on Cakewalk, though.

  2. Not worth the hassle IMO, uninstalled. Use free Lisp by Sleepy-Time DSP, for example it’s much better for whistle type of sibilance than the Waves one.

    • The Sleep-Time DSP plugins, especiaööy the De-Esser, do not work on my system and I guess there will be no bug fixes, since the project is essentially abandoned

  3. If this isn’t a totally mind-blowing, game-changing,” you’ll never worry about them essess anymore” de-esser -and I highly doubt that- I’ll not bother. Not worth downloading all the **** it dumps on your drive.

    • Great stuff, almost all the Airwindows plugins; Totape5 for that low end tape saturation and glue, Bitglitter to give that old samplers grit to your sounds. No GUI maybe make them a little boring to your eyes, but surely it’s worth it using them on any kind of project. You can always use the code and create your own GUI

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