UVI Digital Synsations Vol. 1 Is FREE For A Limited Time (OFFER EXPIRED)


UVI and the Mixing and Mastering Tips Facebook Group offer the Digital Synsations Volume 1 virtual instrument for UVI Workstation as a free download today only (requires free iLok user account).

Digital Synsations is a sample-based virtual instrument powered by the free UVI Workstation plugin. It features the deeply sampled sounds of four legendary digital synthesizers from the 1990s: Yamaha SY77, Roland D50, Korg M1, and Ensoniq VFX.

UVI sampled over 600 presets and turned them into an instantly playable sound library. I acquired Digital Synsations Volume 1 for free in a similar freebie offer several years ago, and it still is one of my favorite sources of authentic 90s hardware synth sounds.

The great thing about UVI’s sound libraries is that the UVI Workstation plugin lets you fine-tune every sampled patch. It’s not the same as owning an actual Korg M1, but the sound is pretty close, and the level of flexibility is surprisingly good for what is essentially a sample library on steroids.

The presets are deeply editable, allowing you to apply filters, modulation, and various effects. You can also use the built-in arpeggiator, which is one of my favorite things to do with the sampled Korg M1 sounds.

Of course, part of the fun of actually owning a hardware synth is being able to customize its sounds using its synthesis engine.

Digital Synsations Vol. 1 doesn’t let you customize the sounds exactly as you would if you owned an Ensoniq VFX or a Korg M1, but it contains many of the sounds that made these synths such iconic instruments.

You can hear some of the included presets in the trailer video below.

To claim your free copy of UVI Digital Synsations Volume 1, visit the product page linked below and apply the coupon code FREEDS-MMT at checkout. The free download offer expires at 10 a.m. (CET) on November 8th, so you’ll need to act fast.

Please note that you’ll also need to install the free UVI workstation plugin to be able to use UVI Digital Synsations Volume 1 in your digital audio workstation. You will also need a free iLok user account to activate the sound library.

If you’re a fan of early digital synthesis, UVI Digital Synsations Volume 1 is definitely worth a look.

UPDATE: The offer has expired.

Get the deal: UVI Digital Synsations Volume 1 (FREE with coupon code FREEDS-MMT until 10 a.m. CET on November 8th)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • After you get that “software portal” you need to install another workstation to actually use it. So.. yeah, I guess I own that license now and I’m never gonna use it. If I need to install 2 pieces of totally unnecessary software for every 1 piece of synth, I’m just going to.. not.

    • There is a little link under huge Portal banner:
      “You can also register and download your UVI products at uvi net my-products”…

    • This has been given away many times before, and is part of the Korg starter pack, so it is free for anybody who has bought a Korg controller during the last couple of years.

  1. I did not read the article well enough to realise this needs iLok :(
    Sad to have to uninstall the UVI prouct portal. Thanks for the tip anyway!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I love UVI products, especially as they all open in the (free) Workstation VST, so I’m looking forward to installing another collection of synths. It looks like it’s gonna be about 15 Gigs to download.

  3. I’m having trouble claiming this since the uvi website won’t accept my billing information and says I need to fill it in despite filling it in….sucks if I can’t claim this.

    • I ran into the same issue. When you enter your billing information you will need to click the “SAVE” button in the billing section first.

  4. This looks amazing, but I can’t seem to download it. I keep getting a “not enough disk space” error, even though I have a ton. Anyone else have this? (I’m on Mac btw)

  5. Oops! The problem when you’re a VST hoarder like me is that once you’ve finally got though the whole portal update and iLok battle (replace processor? enter license hell!) you realize you already had this all along. Not the first time that happened either, lol.

    • On second glance, this does seem to be much more than what I had before. I don’t remember having all these great Korg M1 sounds. This is some great stuff. I was actually thinking about getting the Korg collection is there ever was a good sale, but this already has many of the 90’s sounds I was looking for. Amazing deal, thanks for the tip!

  6. wow, this is a big score! And one of the reasons I try to come here every day! You guys rock. Love Falcon, hasn’t been in my budget to add a new UVI pack in a minute, so this is like xmas for the big fellas

  7. Thanks for the info. This is a fantastic plugin. Well worth the effort to download and register, which, by the way, UVI has made a lot easier to do.

      • If using a physcial dongle, and your iLok breaks or you lose it, the licenses are gone.

        Luckily things have gotten a bit better in later years, that one can use software iLok, and that each product can be authorized on three machines.

  8. I’m Charlie the Administrator of MMT (Mixing And Mastering Tips) where this deal originated.
    I was really hoping to keep this a group exclusive deal (hence the “group exclusive”) but I understand there is really nothing I can do to stop it from being being posted elsewhere. We anticipate stuff like this. Thank you for giving credit and linking our group Tomislav. I appreciate that.

    I also talked to UVI and they are okay with this as well. They are good people. We only support and offer group deals to the plug in vendors we like most. We love to support them and in return they support us. Give a shout out to UVI.

    We do many of these “Group exclusive” deals every month. We have another one lined up with UVI again in December.
    Cheers to all and happy holidays.

    Charlie Roy
    – Admin MMT (Mixing And Mastering Tips)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Charlie, thank you for stopping by! Yes, deals like these are hard to keep a secret, but I always link to the original source (as your group in this case), and it’s a fantastic way to attract more members to your community. I hope some of BPB readers discovered your community this way! :)

      If you’d like to prevent similar deals from being posted on BPB in the future, please let me know and I won’t share them in our news section.

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