8Dio 1928 Steinway Piano Kontakt Library Is FREE For A Limited Time


8Dio offers the 1928 Steinway Piano sample library for NI Kontakt for FREE for a limited time.

Black Friday is approaching, but the incredible freebies are already here. The 1928 Steinway Piano (usually $249) is free to download for a limited time, so get it before it’s gone.

Before downloading, though, keep in mind that the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required.

There are some uber-realistic piano libraries built on countless hours of meticulous attention to detail in deep sampling. Some piano libraries offer the sound of a very particular or iconic piano rather than a less distinct concert grand, etc.

Even with so many piano libraries available, few combine deep sampling with a genuinely iconic instrument as clearly as 8Dio’s 1928 Steinway Grand.

When it comes to deep sampling, 8Dio is often at the forefront, with many libraries utilizing more than 20,000 samples.

The 1928 Steinway Piano features 11,095 samples (10.7GB), two microphone positions, and over 40 custom convolution reverbs.

In 1928 Germany, Steinway produced a series of ivory-covered Scoring grands still considered examples of the finest piano-building ever.

8Dio recorded a model so well-maintained that it still had a complete set of original strings from 1928. In terms of capturing the character of this iconic piano series, 8Dio found the perfect source. The result is a piano library that sounds rich, lush, crisp, and articulate without being too bright.

You could use those words to describe many pianos, but this particular piano shines in areas where some others struggle.

With any good piano library, we can usually assume that the midrange will be just fine, and most issues concerning realism will come in the lowest and highest ranges (especially the lowest).

If the lower range doesn’t deliver the depth and richness of a real grand piano without turning to mud, there’s a disconnect between the sound and the controller/keyboard. For lack of a better description, even with weighted keys, I don’t feel the weight under my fingers represents a full dynamic range and true control of expression if the sound isn’t right.

8Dio’s 1928 Steinway Piano is a library that makes it easier to imagine you have the weight of a real piano at your fingertips because the performance is so nuanced; the output accurately reflects the expression and emotion you put in.

The 1928 Steinway Piano is the first to have round-robin-based sustains and staccatos in combination. The attention to detail in every articulation makes this piano incredibly responsive to expression.

The available microphone positions are Close (close to the piano’s soundboard) and Player (from the performer’s perspective).

The interface has plenty of options to help you shape the perfect tone. If you’re sticking to the natural sound, you can adjust articulations, EQ, pedal noise, etc.

If you want to go beyond the natural Steinway sound, you can layer the sound with other instruments using the Piano Blending section (guitars, Rhodes, Glass Marimba, and more). The library features a range of built-in effects, including compression, dual delays, tempo-synced rhythmic convolutions, and filter-based step sequencing.

As you can see, the 1928 Steinway Piano is more than a pure piano library, although it should please the piano purists (or most of them, at least).

I know that not everyone has access to the full version of Kontakt, but a Soundpaint version with 127 velocity layers is available, too.

Otherwise, there are lots of awesome Kontakt Player freebies out there.

The 1928 Steinway Piano is ideal for any project that puts the piano front and center, intimate piano recordings, cinematic scoring, and much more. So, if you can get it, you should do so now while it’s free!

Download: 1928 Steinway Piano ($249 – FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Thanks for the info, that was an easy deal.

    The confirmation E-mail I got : “Log in to your 8DIO account to install our Download Utility to download your 8DIO Instruments”

    But luckily in my 8Dio account:

    “8Dio 1928 Steinway Piano can be downloaded as a single ZIP file”

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