Yum Audio Releases FREE Crispy Clip Light Clipper Plugin


Yum Audio released the delicious Crispy Clip Light clipper plugin for Windows and macOS, and the best part is it’s free!

The Crispy Clip Light is available for download now on yum-audio.com for Mac and PC. The linked freebies page also offers three other free plugins: Flux Light, Spread Light, and Grater Light (you may notice a theme here). 

These four free plugins are light versions of Yum Audio paid plugins that go by the same names (minus the Light bit), although they still pack plenty of punch.

The Crispy Clip Light is a “professional-grade” clipper for dynamic and precise sound shaping. 

The plugin features Ceiling and Push controls, which enable you to dial in both the clipping threshold and gain amount in a precise manner. 

The Shape control enables a seamless transition between hard and soft clipping, providing nuanced control over the amount of warmth and harmonic content in the signal.

The Crispy Clip Light has analog-style metering which makes it easy to read as well. 

The plugin is available for VST3, AU, and AAX in either Mac or PC. All you need to get it for free is to enter your email on the Yum Audio freebies page.

The full paid version of the plugin is called the Yum Audio Crispy Clip, which has a regular list price of $79, although it’s currently available at 60% off as an early Cyber Monday sale.

Let’s look at the other three free plugins available from Yum Audio right now.

The first is the Flux Light, which is the light version of the Flux Machine. 

The Flux Light is a tape emulation plugin for adding dynamic texture and analogue warmth to tracks. It has a Tape Warble effect with dual-time modes, as well as an Instability control and  Jitter and Slow modes.

The Spread Light is a mastering solution for adjusting the stereo field of tracks, specifically the breadth and spatial orientation.

It features Width and Tilt controls as well as two processing algorithms: M/S (Mid/Side) and Haas.

The Grater Light, meanwhile, is a plugin for compression, shaping, and distortion.

The Grater lever adjusts the aforementioned parameters, and the Sharpness control allows you to fine-tune the response further. Yum Audio also included Master Gain and Mix controls.

All of these plugins are 64-bit only and are free to download (email required) for Mac and Windows machines.

Download: Crispy Clip Light & other freebies (FREE)


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