Bad Humors Is A New FREE Effect Sequencing Plugin


Bad Humors is a newly released free effect sequencing plugin for Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux.

The open-source plugin is available on GitHub by a developer who goes by niflheimmer on the site, although they also go by Circuitdust on YouTube.

Bad Humors is designed to “give you some creative effects to use in one place, or to spice up your rhythm with some glitchiness.” More precisely, Bad Humors syncs with your DAW and enables you to sequence four effects, using 1 to 16 steps.

The steps have a single length, which you can select from one 32nd note to one whole note, based on the BPM of the track. The effects are chained from left to right and can be combined together. 

Bad Humors was released as a GitHub repository, so you’ll have to manually install it. In order to do so, you’ll also have to install Cabbage Audio and CSound first.

Your wallet is safe, though, as Cabbage Audio is a free framework for audio software development, and CSound is a free music computing system. 

Bad Humors’ four effects are the creatively titled Blood (Slicer), Yellow Bile (Bitcrusher), Black Bile (Distortion), and Phlegm (Reverb).

You can enable these effects via the buttons on the 4 by 16 grid sequencer above the effects. 

When you hit play in your DAW, the plugin reads the grid starting from the left, and you can keep track of where it is with the green light above the grid sequencer.

There is also a green slider below the sequencer, which allows you to choose from a 1 to 16-step pattern. The slider is handy for sequencing in different time signatures, or for having a step that always keeps the effects on.

Users can adjust how quickly the sequencer is read by altering the step length, with the options being whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, 16th notes, or 32nd notes.

There’s a randomizer that creates “pseudo-random” sequences for creative approaches to using the plugin. 

This is achieved by clicking the six-sided die randomizer, which clears the grid and makes a new pattern. There is also a separate clear function that just wipes the existing grid.

The developer has included default presets in the release as well as the ability to save custom presets. 

The VST/VST3/AU plugin was released yesterday and is available for 64-bit only. There are also other features outlined on the release page, so check out the GitHub page linked at the start of the article for more info.

Download: Bad Humors (FREE)


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  1. anyone able to get this to show up in their daws on Mac? I installed but not showing up in Ableton or Bitwig. Anyone have a solution by chance?

  2. Scratch the comment from me above, I was able to get it to show up in Ableton and it’s pretty solid actually. Kind of like a mini Effectrix – way more simplified but sometimes hour dialing in some glitches. I’d recommend checking this one out. If you’re on Mac, install the normal way then type this into terminal:
    sudo xattr -rd /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/BadHumours.vst3
    hit enter.
    rescan for plugins in your daw
    it should show up.

    (if you are doing the AUV version instead of vst3, you’ll need to replace vst3 with “component” in the command above in both spots where it says vst3 so the machine knows what it’s looking for and where to look.

    These commands have never worked for me in the past but probably user error on my end (hence the description above for other sorry souls like myself!)

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