Get Phil Speiser’s The_Build Plugin For FREE Until November 23rd


Phil Speiser offers The_Build, a plugin specialized for creating build-ups and transitions, for free until November 23rd.

The holiday season is filled with freebies, deals, and all sorts of tempting goodies to make that wallet a bit lighter.

The_Build falls into the freebie category, which is a relief since I’m actively under mental strain as to whether I should purchase a new hardware sequencer for my various projects.

So, what is The_Build?

Are you at a loss for designing build-ups, transitions, or just cool-sounding effects to pepper throughout your song? Yes, creating buildups from scratch using your favorite synthesizers and effects is tons of fun, but sometimes you need to create new sounds in a hurry.

Well, The_Build has you covered.

The_Build offers plenty of sound sources, some intuitive sequencing, and a lot of other neat features to help distinguish The_Build from other effects generators.

The sequencer in play reminds me a lot of the effects sequencer you’ll see in software like Devious Machine’s Infiltrator 2. You can readily assign events along a specified timeline, allowing for some interesting and fast effect creation.

At the core of the sound generation process, you’ve got a riser synthesizer built into the plug-in itself. There’s also a noise synthesizer for adding those white noise sweeps. You’ve got tons of samples also present, allowing for deep impacts and a slew of other sounds to insert inside of your transition.

One of the cooler features is the inclusion of a reverse reverb. The_Build can also match the key of your composition, meaning you do not have to tweak endlessly to make sure a transition or build-up fits in the context of a track.

I haven’t had a lot of time with The_Build, but I did take it for a test drive in Bitwig to see how it works. I typically just use drum fils and reverse cymbals, but this has got me seriously considering a different approach to my structured pieces.

You’ll need a free account to get The_Build, which is a point of contention for some, I’m sure. If you don’t mind a new hub app and some emails, this is a handy tool to add to your plugin arsenal.

The_Build is available for Windows and Mac computers. You’ll find VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. It is Apple Silicon native and runs just fine on my M1 machine.

Download: The_Build (FREE until November 23rd)


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  1. Get the usual, unsafe to download message. bypassed that but it also just fails when clicking the exe file to install the portal.

    I’m very sad about this as i wanted to try the instrument and strip maybe at some point

    • TheGirlFromTheFish&ChipShop


      when you see the message that is block, simply click of the option to keep, and it will continue to save it.

      • No problems for me. Chrome, windows 11, Reaper 7. Seems pretty cool especially with it printing the audio and dragging it out and your own samples to save as presets. I dont like the hub aspect though, but doesn’t seem that bad. If yall are getting warnings just pass through them. Microsoft and Apple usually go overboard on protection from bad guys when with Microsoft at least, the bad stuff is already home.

  2. Why do they want my home address?
    Are they planning on calling round for a cup of tea and a bun, or something?
    In the terms and conditions there is mention of Facebook and Google analytics using my info.
    Sounds well dodgy to me.
    Shame, because it seems interesting, but I think I’ll pass:(

  3. Got the MS redscreen:
    This site has been reported as unsafe
    Hosted by
    Microsoft recommends you don’t continue to this site. It has been reported to Microsoft for containing harmful programs that may try to steal personal or financial information.

    Is this new since you reviewed this software, William?

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