Karanyi Sounds Offers Space Reverb Plugin FREE With Any Purchase


Karanyi Sounds offers the Space reverb plugin as a free add-on with any purchase this week.

The Black Friday sales season is in full swing, and many shops and developers are adding extras to help sweeten the pot. Karanyi has joined the fray with their latest holiday sales, and there are plenty of instruments and effects to consider for purchase.

As part of the Black Friday sales, you can snag one of their reverb plugins, Space, for free with any purchase.

So, what exactly is Space?

As the name denotes, it focuses on an algorithmic approach to replicating clean and natural spaces. If you’re expecting the vibe and grunge of a digital reverb emulation of the 80s, look elsewhere. That said, there is plenty to like about this particular reverb.

There are two simple controls at play for controlling the reverb itself. You’ve got a longitude and a magnitude knob, which seem to function like the size and decay controls seen in most reverb plugins. There are a variety of different spaces within the plugin, each with its own tonal characteristics.

The controls work in conjunction with these spaces, giving a fair amount of control despite the minimalist approach to things.

As a reverb, I don’t really have any complaints in regard to Space. It does that crystal-clear spaciousness I’m fond of for ambient works, and it does it quite well.

If the included 20 presets aren’t enough to get the creative juices flowing, you’ve got a random button tucked right next to the dry/wet control.

This gives you whole new randomly generated presets to work with, which can be great for sparking off an idea. The only real complaint I can level at Space as a whole is the lack of a lock function on the dry/wet controls.

That said, if you’re considering any of the instruments or effects offered by Karanyi, this is a great freebie to get with any purchase.

It does a fine job of sounding thoroughly modern, which some tracks greatly benefit from. I do enjoy the sound of it on my modular noodlings as well as on drums and guitars.

Space is available for Mac and Windows (64-bit) computers. It typically costs $29, but you can get it for free with any purchase this week.

Check out the deal: Space (FREE with any purchase at Karanyi Sounds)


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