Vochlea Music Offers A Limited-Time Discount On Dubler 2 Voice-To-MIDI App


Vochlea Music’s Dubler 2 is a voice-to-MIDI desktop app that allows you to realize your musical ideas with just your voice. 

Dubler 2 is a tool for beginners and professionals and introduces a whole new way to compose music using the voice. It achieves this by turning your voice into a MIDI controller with low latency and live control.

The app tracks the pitch of your voice through AI tech and translates it into MIDI in real time. It also allows you to beatbox MIDI drums and control effects with your voice live.

You can buy the Dubler Microphone, or you can use your own, thanks to a new calibration process that can make your preferred dynamic mic compatible with the app. 

The Dubler 2 is programmed with 14 scales and has advanced key detection and suggestion, and it learns to track your voice within 30 seconds flat. 

The app also offers key fixing for “pitch assistance” as well as live pitch tracking for the control of synths and melodic instruments.  Voice timbre is mapped to four CC outputs, with voice-enabled effects, blending, filters and more. 

There’s also a library of chord presets, custom chord choices and voicing options for advanced chord work.

The app has IntelliBend, which is a smart pitch bend that keeps you on a note until you choose to bend away from it, as well as TruBend, which is a pitch bend that follows your voice exactly. 

The Dubler 2 is velocity responsive and envelope following and has percussive recognition for the triggering of up to eight samples.  The Multi-MIDI channel output also allows for simultaneous control of percussion and pitch. 

If you’re not exactly Freddie Mercury in the vocal department, then never fear as the app can use non-vocal sounds as a trigger, such as clapping, clicking and tapping.  The customizable audio settings also allow for pro setups with “advanced audio interfaces”.

The Dubler 2 is also compatible with external MIDI devices and hardware. 

Vochlea Music made several updates to the Dubler 2 this month, which include a number of improvements to the Dubler’s MIDI Capture companion plugin. The devs altered the MIDI Capture algorithm to increase the accuracy of the MIDI output. 

The app also enables seamless recording as now MIDI Capture will stay armed unless you manually disengage it, which enables a quicker workflow. 

Other recent updates to the app include session clip history, so you don’t lose your previous ideas, and key suggestion, which speeds up the process by suggesting keys based on your voice input.

Vochlea Music is currently running a Black Friday sale. You can join their list to get the latest deals and offers.

More info: Dubler 2 (Software only- €219, Studio kit with software and microphone included – €289) 


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  1. Frank Labuschagne


    That’s nice, but there’s no way I’d consider that at that price. A sort of better way to do that (yeah sure “midi is nice”) is with spectral morphing, anyway. So you train a model kinda like with things such as neuralamp and neutone, with essentially sound targeting, reference and source morph as an “amp” or consolidated fx chain. In case people didn’t know, there are numerous ways to remap whatever sound to midi, as it’s an abstraction (just like analog to digital, etc) you’re not really limited very much other than the fact that inverse dynamics is impossible.

    • Frank Labuschagne


      Like for instance, if I place four microphones on the corners of a rectangular sort of area, calibrate those and whistle somewhere there…well, listen, it’s not actually a panoramic guitar.

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