The Crow Hill Company Offers FREE Vaults R+D Strings Instrument


The Crow Hill Company has just announced the beta for  R+D Strings, a free library for its Vaults virtual instrument on Windows and macOS. 

The library results from experimental sampling and captures a “beautiful string section that evolves and takes you on an unexpected musical journey.”

The R+D Strings library requires the free Vaults plugin (VST/VST3, AU, and AAX) to operate. You’ll also need to make a free account on The Crow Hill Company’s website.

The company will continue to update Vaults with free libraries moving forward, so keep an eye out for further updates. 

R+D Strings is the second release in this project, with the debut release being the free Attic Grand.

R+D Strings has a bright and well-laid-out interface where you can quickly pick up the gist of things at a glance. 

There are six main parameters at your fingertips which are Timbre, Glisten, Sub, Pris, Echo and Splosh. 

Timbre is a modulation wheel-controlled crossfade “between uniquely captured musical dynamics”.

Glisten brings in a pitch-shifted granular delay that is fed into a shimmer reverb. 

Sub offers re-synthesised bass and harmonics squashed together, and Pris controls the balance of frequencies as they move in and out of phase. 

Echo is modeled on a multi-tap tape delay, with plenty of warmth and wobble on tap. 

Splosh, meanwhile, is a newly designed chamber algorithmic verb, which is a natural choice for positioning a source in a mix.

The plugin has support for Windows 10 to 11 and macOS Catalina (10.15) through to Ventura (13.x.). 

All of the Vaults free plugins have a similar control scheme, with six parameters laid out in the same format, so once you get the hang of one, it should be a breeze working with the other libraries in the series.

The Crow Hill Company is currently teasing the third free library in the series, which has the same layout, although the details of it are not yet made public. 

If you liked what you saw with Vaults so far and are feeling cashed up, the String Murmurations instrument was born out of a similar process of experimental sampling as R+D Strings.

There’s a much deeper level of customization available with this paid library, however, as you can see from a glance at the interface. 

String Murmurations is currently available at an introductory price of £149, down from £199. This library enables you to compose with three distinct palettes: Constellations, Blurs and Gestures.

Check out the deal: R+D Strings (FREE part of Vaults plugins for all members of the Crow Hill Company)


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