Audja Releases KickDrum And FREE OScope Plugin


Audja releases the KickDrum drum synthesizer and OScope (freeware) oscilloscope plugins for Windows and macOS.

I will readily admit I don’t know much about drum synthesis. I can do kicks and snares and hi-hats all day while I struggle with toms here and there.

Audja KickDrum

Microtonic also makes me break out into a cold sweat. There is certainly something to be said about having a purpose-built kick for your songs. Audja’s KickDrum is a novel take on kick synthesis, with great visualization to boot.

There is a ton of control over kick synthesis. You can apply phase changes via the EQ, match it to the key of your song, and so much more. The visualization is hard to top, with robust visual feedback for most controls.

Simply put, you’re getting a great look at how your kick looks. It comes with a plethora of presets as well, so you’re not stuck looking for inspiration.

As a drum synth, this is built expressly for one purpose, and that’s absolutely fine. Given the launch price of €22, this is one of the most affordable around.

I can’t speak with full authority on how it stacks up to BigKick or Sonic Academy’s Kick. You’re not going to be blending transients and samples natively inside of the software. That’ll be more audio trickery on your end.

Audja OScope

In addition to KickDrum, you’ll also find Audja’s OScope available on their site, which is our main attraction. This is one of the best free oscilloscopes you’ll find available today. You can tempo sync, view stereo information, and freeze moments in time for deeper analysis.

There is something to be said about making music with your ears, which I think most of us do. However, a little visual feedback during the mixing and sound design stage of a track can go a long way to pinpoint problems.

Having the entire oscilloscope tempo-synced to your project is something I’ve never really considered, but it makes a huge change in how you approach the tool. It allows to more easily pinpoint problems analyze stereo width, and a whole host of other useful features.

So, is KickDrum worth a look? If you have an overwhelming need for kicks in your latest trance, techno, or other songs, then sure!

I have too many samples and too little time to use this in good conscience. That said, it has had a lot of care and deliberate design to make it a user-friendly experience. While you’re there, grab the oscilloscope, too, it’s a real visual treat.

UPDATE: BPB readers are reporting malware scan issues with the plugin (probably false positives but you can never be too cautious), so we are removing the link until the developer solves this issue.

Check out the deal: KickDrum (50% off during launch sale – €22)

Download: OScope (FREE)


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  1. Wow, nice gooee.. Too bad I just bought Kick 2..

    The Oscilloscope however, welcome to my DAW friend. :)

    Gonna keep an eye out on future releases from Audja.


  2. Psytrance Plugins and released free Samplur PROEffects pack:

    I haven’t tried them yet but some of them look interesting enough.

  3. I downloaded OScope, the plugin does not open in Ableton and FL Studio. It appears in the list of plugins, but does not open.

    • I don’t know which version of FL Studio are you using, but it works fine in my computer (FL Studio 21.2.1).

      Did you try to scan plugins like this?:

      Options – File Settings – Manage Plugins (button on upper right side) – (pop up window) Find installed plugins

      It’s “deeper” scan than in (Alt+F8) “Browser” – Refresh Plugin List (Fast scan). Because it sometimes “recognize an FX as a instrument or vice versa.

      Let me know if it works for you.

      It’s very good plugin, in my opinion. Thank you, guys.


  4. I was hoping that the oscilloscope was a multichannel one :/ Would be lovely to have a free multichannel oscilloscope alternative.

    • Bit defender / malware bites ?

      These are false alerts. I investigated this and it seems bitdefender doesn’t like installforge (
      Since yesterday evening (december 1.) I updated the setups (they are now build with innosetup) which gets not striked by bitdefender and malware bytes. So if you try to redownload it should be fine now. We also filed a false infection report to bitdefender on this. Hopefully they resolve the issue soon.

  5. That looks nice.
    The kick synth reminds me a little the kick synth BazzISM in the sonority.
    By the way, it’s Audija, not Audja.
    You make this spelling mistake on all the dev. name in the article and title.

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