OccularScope FREE Beat-Synced Oscilloscope Updated With New Features


OccularScope, a FREE beat-synced oscilloscope plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux, is now in version 1.3.1.

The handy plugin has been around for a few years, and I’m sure many of you have already put it to the test. But, for anyone who hasn’t yet, here’s a quick recap.

OccularScope, from Bom Shanka Machines, is a free oscilloscope plugin with a few handy features.

You can bar or beat synchronize the oscilloscope to your DAW, which allows you to micro-analyze specific areas in your audio. The ability to visually isolate very small sections could help you make the best creative or functional decisions.

For example, OccularScope will help you realize the actual effect a plugin has on a specific sound or the interaction between multiple instruments.

Of course, it’s good to trust your ears and not get too stuck in what you see, but a little help doesn’t hurt (especially after a long session when we start to go a little tone-deaf).

OccularScope’s resizable GUI will display the audio signal as a line or filled waveform. One of the most notable features is the side-chain input, which allows you to show a side-chain input as an overlay or add it to the primary input.

Another notable feature is the adjustable delay compensation for manual waveform offset correction.

It also includes a useful Freeze button that displays a snapshot of your signal.

The resizable GUI has two color schemes, Dark and Light.

We first covered OccularScope back in 2020, and there have been a couple of changes since then.

Later versions of OccularScope, since approx 2022, come with automatic or manual gain control per input or linked. Mac users will also be glad to hear that they no longer require Rosetta installed to make OccularScope Apple Silicon compatible.

OccularScope is now in version 1.3.1 and available to download for free from the Bom Shanka Machines website. Bom Shanka Machines offers a range of plugins, including the free PlasticityFilter, and some deals on paid products.

Talking of deals, I’m sure most of you are sick of my reminders, but if any of you out there are as bargain-forgetful as me, it’s worth it: don’t forget the free with any purchase Moogerfooger at Plugin Boutique during May.

OccularScope is available in AU, VST2, and VST3 formats for macOS (10.11 upwards), Windows (7 upwards), and Linux (limited support).

Download: OccularScope


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  1. Thanks James, i haven’t seen this before so it’s much appreciated.
    It’s best to use your ears, but seeing what your actually doing and in a simplified way is really helpful, thanks so much 🙏

  2. Quiet music released Solaris GTR , a LoFi & Ambient Electric Guitar plugin and there’s a free version:


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