W. A. Production Imprint Multiband Transient Designer Is Free For A Limited Time


W. A. Production’s Imprint multiband transient designer is now free, thanks to a promotion at Audio Plugin Deals.

The full RRP for the plugin is $39.90, and it’s available for Windows and macOS.

The free release is only available for a limited time, and it’s only available at the Audio Plugin Deals site (as opposed to the site of the developer W. A. Production).

Imprint is a multiband transient designer with three frequency bands, a real-time display, adjustable crossover points, and advanced parameters. 

The transient shaping plugin adds definition to your audio and makes it punchy and upfront.

W. A. Production states, ” Whether adding extra power to your kicks or taming the tails of your synth lines, a decent transient shaping plugin should be an essential part of your music-making arsenal.”

To that end, Imprint features over 20 factory presets as well as the ability to save user presets.

The factory presets featured tailored settings for various instruments, such as bass, drums, and vocals, as well as mastering chains and FX.

Imprint’s three-band transient shaping is managed by a graphic interface that lets you adjust each band’s crossover points and gain.  Each band has mix adjustment controls for boosting the transient content and bypass controls. 

The Imprint logo functions as a master bypass control, and it operates without introducing any clicks or pops, allowing for seamless A/B testing.

W. A. Production has included the following advanced controls for each band: Width, Smooth, Attack, and Release.

Width controls the widths of the targeted peaks, and Smooth enables smoothing out the peaks to add subtlety. Attack dampens transients, and Release enables you to stretch the gain boost over time for a more pronounced effect. 

These four parameters work in combination to enable precise control of the behavior of the transient boosting effect. 

With a recent update, W. A. Production has also introduced a resizable interface.

Imprint is compatible with PC and Mac for VST, AU, and AAX.

The developer, W. A. Production, has an extensive end-of-year sale

Just about everything is on sale, and many of their products are massively discounted, with several plugins at 80%, 90%, and even up to 95% off the list prices.

Download: Imprint (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. A very problematic webste for downloading a simple plugin/vst…
    You make a purchase, then its sending you to another website where you cannot download it, because you need to return to the first website? What a mess with W.A Productions!

    Too bad

    • It’s free, & all it takes in an extra little step, why are you complaining?

      Plus, it has been this way for many years. Audioplugin.deals is a 3rd-party reseller website that offers good discounts & free giveaways that are better than what the original developers’ shops might offer, & in return, we just need to take an extra step to activate our plugins. Still more convenient than certain other convoluted activation methods.

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