Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE A-TEK FET-162 Compressor Plugin


Psycho Circuitry released three FET compressors in the A-TEK FET-162 product line for Mac and Windows.

The developer released two paid plugins, the A-TEK FET-162+ and A-TEK FET-162X, as well as the free A-TEK FET-162.

The A-TEK FET-162+ Limiting Amplifier is the standard version and is available at an introductory price of $10, down from $29. 

The A-TEK FET-162X is a two-channel version available for an introductory price of $35, down from $59, and the free A-TEK FET-162 is a “fully featured mini model” version.

The introductory pricing will end on December 29, 2023. 

Psycho Circuitry is a one-man show, and the founder, Jon, states that the A-TEK FET-162 plugins are inspired by a mid-1960s channel limiter.

The A-TEK FET-162 features a MOSFET gain reduction path that has subtle but specific differences from the more common JFET designs, producing a different kind of FET character.

Jon explains that while the sparse controls of the original hardware unit created some limitations, the software design “has expanded the concept to allow more flexible potential while trying to stay true to the hardware unit’s original designs.”

The new release is greatly expanded from the original and now includes independent attack and release controls, as well as mods for changing the timings. 

The A-TEK FET-162+ includes fully variable attack and release switches, an external sidechain, and a dual mono mode.

The A-TEK FET-162X includes all of the above, as well as M/S and linked/unlinked controls.

The free A-TEK FET-162 features stereo and mono operation, 16 timing combinations, oversampling up to 16x, and a fully resizable interface.

The plugin runs on Windows 10/11(64-bit) and MacOS BigSur+. Note that Psycho Circuitry has not yet gained an Apple Developer ID, so Mac users will need to do a manual install.

Like all Psycho Circuitry releases, the download process is blissfully easy.

For the free version, there’s just a direct link to a zip file on the product page, and even the paid versions don’t require a login or any stuffing around with DRM.

The developer has included a video introduction where he gives an overview of how the controls interact, as well as some information about what makes the A-TEK FET-162 unique.

Check out the deal: A-TEK FET-162 line (Limited offer until December 29th: A-TEK FET-162+ – $10, A-TEK FET-162X – $35, A-TEK FET-162 – FREE)


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  1. Can someone please tell me what kind of compressor this plugin is inspired by so I know how to categorize it in my plugin index?

    • Psycho Circuitry


      Altec 1612a Fet Limiting Amplifier.

      I debate about how to handle eluding to the original hardware unit. I believe in this sense it would be considered fair use. But out of respect for the manufacturer’s trademarks and to indicate no imple endorsement, I do refrain from using it I’m my official presentation materials.

  2. Cool, the Mini VCA is also decent. Thanks

    Video presentations leave a lot to be desired, try listening through a mono Mixcube

    • Psycho Circuitry


      Thanks for the feedback!

      Always trying to improve the presentation. I’ll definitely check out your suggestion.

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