Complete Nugen Audio’s Survey To Get A FREE Plugin


Nugen Audio gives away a free plugin of choice and a voucher for everyone who completes a survey.

English experts Nugen Audio offer a free plugin and a $100 voucher for everyone who completes their annual survey. The survey has 14 mandatory questions, which are completed via checkboxes, with no writing required.  

The company estimates that the survey takes five minutes and that seems about right. And if you’re feeling generous with your time, there are seven additional optional questions. 

The Nugen Audio annual survey closes on February 6, 2024, and the voucher expires on March 5, 2024.

The best part of the promotion is definitely the free plugin. For the freebie, you can choose one of six options: the Jotter, Aligner, SigMod, Stereoizer Elements, Monofilter Elements, and Stereoplacer Elements.

The list price for all six plugins is $49.

The $100 voucher has some limitations on it, as it’s a part purchase voucher only. This means that the cost of your purchase must exceed $100, so you will have to shell out some money to use the voucher. 

The Nugen Audio store does stock 31 products, so you do at least have a fair bit of choice at your fingertips.

To claim the freebies, you’ll need to enter a name and email address. If you don’t already have an account, Nugen Audio will use this information to create an account for you as part of the survey process.

Now, let’s have a look at the lineup of free plugins for the promotion.

Jotter is a utility plug-in for making notes and comments designed to help smooth out collaborations.

Aligner is an automatic phase and polarity alignment plugin.

SigMod has 13 modules for custom signal architecture, which can be used to expand the capabilities of your DAW.

Stereoizer Elements is a stereo width enhancement tool that can generate stereo audio from a mono source or create a very wide stereo image.

Monofilter Elements is a bass management plugin that can sum low frequencies to mono. 

Last but not least is Stereoplacer Elements, which is a frequency-specific panning tool.

The three Elements plugins are the little brothers of the full-featured versions, the latter of which are all priced at $129. 

Check out the deal: Complete the Nugen Audio annual survey (Receive a FREE plugin & a $100 voucher)


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  1. I would like to get the SEQ-ST, the cheapest version of their EQ. But I cant find any info if it has the linear phase options as the S version.
    I got Aligner as a freebie. I hope it aligns things like kicks and bass layers.

      • Ooof 🤦‍♂️

        I do hope you plan on pressing the issue further instead of letting the dev just leave it at “Nahhh. All’s working fine here, hoss! Has to be a problem on YOUR end!”

      • If Nugen just conclude the problem too fast but there is still a problem, just tell:
        -Specifications of your own computer, current OS, and DAW you using include what is the version of itself.
        -Tell what happened specifically
        -Possibly there is crash dump of the DAW so you can address one or two software providers to address bug checks.

  2. Spoiler alert – If you are running in 4k these plugins are tiny! They don’t seem much different to the low-res free offerings of 6 years go so assuming these are in transit to legacy status. If you want a good stereo tool that is easy to use, 4k scalable, try Alex Hiltons A1 Stereo, does everything that must folk will need and it’s free.

  3. Stereospacer Elements crashes Reason when I try to delete it from the Rack which isn’t currently an issue for me as I used the voucher to upgrade to the full version. I’ve found their support to be friendly and helpful.
    If you’re looking for a bargain the best way to do things is take one of the Elements as your free plugin. That brings the upgrade price down to $69 then add one of the $49 plugins which takes you over the $100 and allows you to use your voucher, I ended up with SigMod and Stereospacer for $17.

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