Get 80% OFF KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 For A Limited Time


Audio Plugin Deals offers an 80% discount on the Synth Modular 2 virtual instrument by KarmaFX.

There is something to be said about the freedom and flexibility of modular synthesis. Platforms like VCV Rack 2, Reaktor, and Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular can simulate the signal path of a Eurorack configuration.

In Reaktor’s case, you can jump straight into visually programming DSP. KarmaFX’s Synth Modular 2 takes a similar approach but has a design philosophy of its own.

If you want to upgrade your virtual modular synth collection, snag the KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 for 80% off at Audio Plugin Deals until February 5th.

I absolutely adore the VCV Rack workflow and frequently use it on Mac and Windows. KarmaFX’s take on modular synthesis, however, is quite intriguing.

The presets sound great, albeit mostly oriented toward trance and its accompanying subgenres.

If you’re looking for those tight bass plucks, abrasive gated leads, and sonorous cinematic pads, it handles those quite readily.

Synth Modular 2 has a bit of a learning curve in understanding its signal flow. Once you’ve come to grips with programming a sound from scratch using its modular components, the sky is the absolute limit.

I am particularly fond of the potential the sequencer modules pose. Instead of being stuck on the analog modeled knobs of a Serge or typical sequencer, things are more visually rich.

The interface is clear and easy to read. It scales well with your screen, which is beneficial if you’re running a larger resolution. I tested Synth Modular 2 on a 4K monitor and was pleased with how well it handled itself.

I wish you could freely resize the window, but that’s a gripe for another time. Still, for $39.99, I think it’s a worthy purchase.

Synth Modular 2 runs splendidly on Windows machines. However, when playing around with the trial on my M1 Mac, I encountered issues with it defaulting to Rosetta.

Still, there is plenty to explore here. You get access to both a synth and FX plugin, so you can create some insane combinations if you’re willing to put the time in. Make sure you grab it soon; this sale isn’t going to last.

Check out the deal: Synth Modular 2 (80% off until February 5th – $39.99)


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  1. A very interesting plugin

    But the same offer was live on Pluginomat last month

    I wonder if Karma FX has priced it too high, as they are doing so many sales

  2. Matthew B. Carter


    I agree with Humanoid. I believe they priced it too high as it is frequently on sale for $40

    Just a warning to anybody purchasing this, when you buy it you only get a MacOS OR a Windows version. Not both. If you buy it for Mac but then want to deactivate it and use it on windows, you can’t. It’s a single OS license. Really foolish in my opinion as I work across platforms.

    I bought it 2 years ago. The sound quality and flexibility is good but it didn’t blow my mind. CPU draw is moderate (modular synths are pretty high to begin with) which isn’t bad. I’d love some alternative skins for it. Usability is a bit clunky. I’d say it’s decent for a modular synth, but overall pretty average in my opinion.

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