NUSofting Releases FREE Eugene Filter VST Plugin


NUSofting’s Eugene Filter Free plugin, the freeware version of NUSofting’s Eugene Filter (which costs €10), is now available for free download for Windows and Mac.

The developer offers the plugin in VST2 and VST3 for Windows (64-bit) and VST3 and AU for Mac.

Eugene Filter is an audio effect plug-in “with a completely new type of low-pass filter [that is]  technically a cascaded integrator–comb ladder.”

The filter has self-oscillating characteristics similar to the voltage-controlled filters found in virtual analog synthesizers but with a wider spectrum of resonances.

The free version operates much the same as the Eugene Filter, although not all the features are included in the free version.

NUSofting’s YouTube channel features a video that showcases the Eugene Filter and the free version, which demonstrates the differences between the releases.

The developer states that “NUSofting’s cascaded integrator–comb ladder filter has a unique character; it’s airy and resonant, like a voice.”

Producers can feed the plugin “the input of your choice and the amplitude-controlled noise generated by the plug-in itself, add a bit of chorus (also in the plug-in), and you can get new sounds from any source.”

Furthermore, the cascaded integrator–comb filter can also be replaced (by a switch) with a typical 24dB/octave ladder analog low-pass filter emulation, which gives two low-pass options. 

The Eugene Filter Free version features two resonant low-pass filters, a noise generator, a stereo chorus, overall stereo operation, and gain controls for input, output, wet, and dry.

NUSofting, a one-man operation, has made the download process for Eugene Filter Free nice and easy, as you can get the Zip file with a one-click process after selecting which format you want.  

Features exclusive to the paid version are an Envelope Follower, Random Walk LFO with Rate and Depth, and a preset selector that enables you to choose from four presets.

The Envelope Follower tracks the input level, and the Random Walk LFO modulates the filter frequency from very slow sweeps to fast turbulence.

The full version also has a resizable interface, which is not listed in the features of the free version.

The full version has an expanded range of formats, as the paid Mac version is compatible with AU, VST2, and VST3.

The Windows version for both plugins is the same, with VST2 and VST3 being available for both Mac and Windows in 64-bit.

Download: Eugene Filter Free (FREE)


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  1. I initially skipped this plugin when downloading Nusofting’s other free offerings because I have plenty of filters, but this thing actually sounds pretty good. That GUI is a bit rough on the eyes but it’s worth a download IMO.

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