Get 72% OFF JMG Sound’s Dropkick Drum FX Plugin At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers a hefty 72% discount on Dropkick by JMG Sound.

Dropkick is a drum FX plugin that could play a leading role in the toolkit of any EDM producer.

In short, the plugin helps you shape the perfect EDM kick drum to ensure your track has the intended impact. There’s not much worse in EDM than a weak drop, and the kick drum is typically the defining element.

You can almost get away with other elements not being as good as they could be if your kick hits when and as it should.

But if the drop comes, and your kick struggles under pads/stabs, arps, and vocals or is so overwhelming that it’s as irritating as a car alarm that won’t stop, it’s as pointless as the latter part of Nicolas Cage’s filmography (with few exceptions).

Either way, the listener’s interest will be gone in 60 seconds (or less).

Of course, the plugin isn’t exclusive to EDM producers; it works well on Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, and any track that needs a high-impact kick.

Dropkick combines professional techniques, analog emulation, and psychoacoustics to steer your kick in the right direction quickly. The plugin features eight processors, each of which does more than meets the eye.

The Power section builds upon the technique of applying a high-pass filter with a bit of resonance and frequency set at the fundamental to boost the bass and remove unwanted sub-harmonics by making it possible to enhance and extend the fundamentals.

The Phase module uses analog-modelled filters to shape the transient smoothly and lower the peak level. The smoothness of the filters, along with a bit of additional warmth, adds character and helps generate pleasing results that might otherwise be a more time-consuming process.

Even more warmth comes from the analog-modelled saturation of the Fire module. It re-synthesizes and harmonically enhances the low end while using psychoacoustic techniques to enhance the overall sound of the kick.

The remaining controls allow you to fine-tune further.

Damp lets you reshape the frequency content of your kicks without losing its cutting-edge. Clean frees up headroom and prevents the kick from becoming muddy or getting lost in the mix.

The Snap module uses an advanced transient processor to shape the attack, generating maximum punch and impact with negligible peak level increases.

Lastly, Over introduces the over-the-top compression technique, and Trim shortens the tail of the kick.

A strong electronic kick drum drives lots of modern music, and at this sale price, Dropkick could be a shortcut to consistently impressive results.

The keyboard player in me has to remind you about the entirely unrelated Aquae Organ because it’s free, and it has keys, kind of.

Dropkick is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.10 upwards – 64-bit) and Windows (8 upwards – 64-bit).

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