Aquae Organ Is Soundiron’s New FREE Pipe Organ For Kontakt Player


Soundiron releases Aquae Organ, a FREE experimental pipe organ library for Kontakt Player.

It’s no secret that the Soundiron team likes to blur the lines between realistic and experimental sounds, and they do it very well.

You can hear the painstakingly authentic yet ethereal side of Soundiron’s work in libraries like Hyperion Strings/Brass and the more experimental side in libraries like Prepared Guitar, which, at the time of writing, is available for just $5.

Aquae Organ is one of the experimental libraries and a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts, the result of recording two organs in unison, followed by some sound design magic.

The two organs in question are the epic, full-size pipe organs in Saint Paul’s Catholic Church (San Francisco). Soundiron used these massive century-old instruments to create the Alpha and Omega organ sounds.

These organs already have a distinct sound, but to make Aquae Organ unique, Soundiron recorded and combined three different organ stop combinations with each in unison. The organ stop combinations highlight the silky character of the Alpha and the power of the Omega.

Rather than stop at creating a monster pipe organ recorded with hydrophones (placed in water-filled vases) in a beautiful hall, Soundiron took Aquae Organ into synth territory.

The sound design magic mentioned above refers to Soundiron bending and mangling (gently) the sound into a range of lovely pads, textures, ambient soundscapes, and synth-like leads.

The library interface features LFO, Filter, and Arp sections, all adding movement and character to your sound. The LFO section provides a selection of distinct waveforms that allow you to transform the organ’s timbre quickly.

You can change the sound sets between Aquae Organ, Ambiences, Sub Synth Sustains, Sub Synth Staccatos, and Wavetables (12). You also have four layers with dedicated sound-shaping controls to create massive sounds.

I love to see new releases for the free Kontakt Player, and as freebies go, this one ticks a lot of boxes; it comes from an epic source, has character, is flexible, and is a little strange; all good things.

If you’re a fan of Soundiron’s outside-of-the-box thinking, you might like the free Rainsong library, released last year.

Download: Aquae Organ (FREE)


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  1. Site currently says that this is “Sold Out”. But knowing these things, will probably get refreshed at some point (hopefully).

  2. disco dsp has yet again updated OBxd today, now at v3.2

    What is really the difference between the paid and free version of the plugin ?

  3. AIR Legends Pack included Xpand!2, db-33, vacuum vintage is for 9.99$ at pluginboutique. I buy it for xpand!2 because xpand cost is 99.99$ itself :D

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