Analog Obsession Releases FREE Color Bundle


Analog Obsession released the free Color Bundle, including the Distox multi-mode distortion and Prebox preamp/distortion box plugins.

The Color Bundle is available in VST3 and AAX for Windows and VST3, AU and AAX for Mac. 

The plugins are available via a no-hassle, one-click download from the Analog Obsession Patreon page, which is linked below. 

These two plugins have been kicking around for a while now, although now they have been updated and paired in a bundle release. 

Updated elements for the current release include support for AAX, resizable interfaces, and Silicon support for Mac users. 

Despite being freeware, both plugins have a fair amount of customization available. The interfaces are also straightforward to grasp and they look really classy, particularly the Distrox.

The Distrox multi-mode distortion plugin is a tube and an op-amp circuit.

The plugin has two circuits, and via the Mode selector, you can choose between three op-amps and four tubes. 

The other parameters on the Distox are input (dB -30 to 30), output (dB -30 to 30), high-pass filter (20 Hz to 2 kHz), and low-pass filter (20kHz to 10kHz.)

The Prebox preamp/distortion box has 11 selectable preamp models.

The parameters for the Prebox are input gain with AGC (24dB -/+), output (24dB -/+), selectable high-pass filter (flat, 80 Hz, 300 Hz, 300+80 Hz), and selectable low-pass filter (flat, 3 kHz).

The other notable features include a clickable Analog Obsession label, which engages x4 oversampling, and a resizable interface, which increases from 50% to 200%. 

You can also make the plugins save the preferred interface size via the preset system.

Color Bundle plugins are available for Windows 10 and 11 and Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon.

It’s worth noting that the Color Bundle plugins do not have an official demo on the product page, but you can watch unofficial demos of the plugins on YouTube. 

There are many other free plugins available on the Analog Obsession Patreon, all worth checking out if you fancy analog-inspired plugins. If you want to support their work, you can do so via an optional Patreon subscription.

For more distortion options, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter plugin.

Download: Color Bundle (FREE)


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    • The main difference I see is the removal of a VST2 build and the inclusion of an AAX build instead (Windows). The VST3 is clearly not the same build, filesize, crc32, etc… And is distributed in the folder-tree kind instead of a single .vst3 file.
      More investigations are needed. :)

        • First time I hear about sound changing, a problem with lost settings happens with dev tools/framework changes which I believe is the case here, so if you were using the VST2, try to keep it and add the VST3 for newer projects.
          It wouldn’t be a huge problem if Tunca (the dev) would change the plugin ID when it happens, but unfortunately he’s not.
          More renowned devs sometimes make the same mistake. I still use an older version of TAL’s Vocoder because the way side-chaining changed too much for my use. If the latest version were using a new plugin ID they could coexist and all would be good, but nope. Life has to suck. :/

  1. Awesome as always. Like the Ronson-like distorted percussion FX you can achieve. Thanks BPB and Analog Obsession for another killer freebie.

  2. Analog Obsession is fighting the good fight. I love supporting the little guys as opposed to a subscription service to the bigger companies. Thanks!

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