Analog Obsession Releases FREE FetCB Dynamics Plugin


Analog Obsession released FetCB, a freeware compressor plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Although I’ve told myself, “No more compressors,” here I am with another free compressor plugin. Ultimately, who can deny the charm and appeal of a shiny new plugin compressor?

This will surely make my drums sound fatter, punchier, and everything else I want my drums to sound like. The tireless Analog Obsession is back with FetCB, a dynamics processor based around some familiar tech.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a take on a more familiar FET compressor. It certainly gets fast enough on the attack and release side of things. That said, FetCB is an original take on a FET compressor based on a hardware design devised by the developer.

The controls are what you would expect. The ratio goes from 1:1 to 20:1, giving a wonderful range of dynamic control. You have an independent threshold, which is fantastic for any compressor.

There are fairly standard attack and release controls. The attack gets quite fast, with a minimum speed of 20 microseconds. You could readily coax this into distortion.

You’ve got a mix control, which is standard for doing parallel compression on the channel insert or whatever madness you want to get up to. There is a sidechain key, as you might expect. The controls are rounded out with an output knob.

As for the overall character of this compressor, it’s certainly quite fast. It works well on electric and acoustic guitars, snares, and vocal lines. I could coax similar qualities out of it compared to the UAD 1176 E compressor I generally use for most of these purposes.

The best part is this one won’t cost you a dime unless you want it to. FetCB is free to download, like the rest of the exhaustively massive catalog from Analog Obsession.

Black Friday and the holidays might be a time of massive sales, but you can come out like an absolute bandit when looking at the multitude of freebies available from some developers.

If you do enjoy what Analog Obsession is doing, it is heavily recommended to subscribe to their Patreon. This helps fund future releases and pay for any bug fixes and patches for currently released plugins.

FetCB is available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats for compatible Windows and macOS plugin hosts.

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Download: FetCB (FREE)


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  1. Not sure I would just list this as FREE w/ no donation info. I’d like to think us folks
    that support his Patreon have something to do with his ability to keep developing…

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