Vox Samples Releases FREE Pixel Rabbit Bit Crusher Plugin


Vox Samples released Pixel Rabbit, a freeware bit crusher plugin for Windows and macOS.

I suppose that the spirit of old digital gear never really fades. What once was a simple fact of working around the limitations of gear has its own allure.

Pixel Rabbit is a simple and effective bit crusher that might be a welcome addition to your next production. Let’s explore it further and see why you might want to consider it for your close-to-bursting plugin folder.

I will admit I love Pixel Rabbit’s interface. An adorable pixel-sorted bunny has an appeal all its own.

The controls aren’t really much to talk about here. You’ve got a large bit crush knob to the direct right of the interface. This simply applies digital artifacts and distortion as needed to your signal.

There is a sweet spot for where the distortion is heard, which you can circumvent by using the gain knob to the direct right of our adorable little bunny pal. This naturally affects the input gain of the signal.

You won’t have much luck with gain staging the output, which is a drawback if you need complete control over the signal.

The controls are closed out with a mix knob for tweaking the dry/wet mixture of the distortion. Naturally, I used this on a smattering of things, as you do with any new effect. I found it works best on drum breaks, but that might just be my preference.

It works well on synths and anything else you want that early 90s sheen upon. A little goes a long way, as you’ll quite readily hear some less-than-pleasant side effects when not dialed into a healthy medium.

Pixel Rabbit isn’t reinventing the wheel, nor does it need to. If you’re searching for a serviceable bit crusher that needs to be cuter than Kilohearts’ offering, then Pixel Rabbit might fit the bill.

It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I also run TAL DAC and Plogue’s Chipcrusher for my bit-crushing needs. It does what it says it does and works quite well to that end.

Pixel Rabbit is available for Windows and Mac computers. The only supported plugin format is VST3, so you’ll need a wrapper if you’re planning on using it with Logic or Pro Tools.

Download: Pixel Rabbit (FREE)


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