HoRNet SpringVerb Is FREE Today Only (A Few Hours Left)


HoRNet offers the SpringVerb plugin as a free download today only. The offer expires in less than 24 hours.

I always love a good limited-time freebie, but I wish these HoRNet Plugins offers were at least 48 hours long. Still, any opportunity is better than nothing, so I’m writing this article as quickly as possible so that the majority of BPB readers get the chance to claim the freebie.

You can get SpringVerb for free today, but it’s unclear when the offer will expire. Keep in mind that HoRNet is based in Italy, so the offer probably expires at midnight, Italian time (this is only a presumption, though).

SpringVerb is an algorithmic reverb plugin that emulates the characteristic sound of a spring reverb.

A spring reverb is based on the electro-mechanical stimulation of springs under varying tensions. It has a distinct sound that doesn’t resemble natural reverbs. However, it works great on guitars, percussion, and keys, as long as you don’t mind the subtle lo-fi vibe.

Spring reverb is included in many guitar amps, but its use isn’t limited to guitars. If you’ve ever listened to a dub track, chances are you heard spring reverb on drums and vocals.

HoRNet SpringVerb lets you adjust various parameters that typically wouldn’t be accessible in a hardware spring reverb. You can fine-tune the vibration time and the damping of the springs. The first parameter affects the reverb length, while the former influences the decay time.

You can hear SpringVerb in the demo video below.

Users can also set the number of springs, resonance, diffusion, brightness, and dry/wet mix controls. Each parameter affects the reverb’s tone differently, so it’s worth experimenting with the settings until you find a setup that works for your project.

Thankfully, SpringVerb includes a decent selection of presets that will help you get started. And if you need more spring reverb in your life, check out our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin.

HoRNet SpringVerb is available in 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for hosts on Windows and macOS (10.11 and later). The plugin supports Apple Silicon.

You can download SpringVerb for free today.

Download: HoRNet SpringVerb


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    • Update: Their site is up, but struggling once you try to login (meaning you hit their servers and not a CDN cache). Keep trying.

    • I’ve amassed a rather large collection of HoRNet’s underrated plugins from their frequent limited time giveaways and it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to feel a little guilty.

      I guess I should consider purchasing an HoRNet plugin or 2 once in a while to make up for all the free ones.

      Thanks again, HoRNet and BPB!

      • Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get even more sales. I have bought quite a few of their plugins. I really like their deesser and it’s my favorite that I use even more than Pro-DS.

      • i dont think they are underrated. they are just very cheap when there is a sale.
        in my opinion some of them are worth buying but none of them is really better than its competitors or outstanding in general and i encountered more bugs in their plugins than with other companies.
        (i have a collection of 19 of their plugins, about half of them i bought, the other half was free stuff like this offer for springverb.)

  1. the last 8 freebies they offered – noone worked for me because of “timeout” issues. I strongly believe it is so they just gather information. trying to buy a plugin at this time was no problem for me last time. my browser also warns me of faulty connection every time.

    highly sus and I am going to sell the plugs I own or my account.

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