IK Multimedia Releases FREE Amplitube Tonex CS Tone Modeler


IK Multimedia releases Amplitube Tonex CS, a freeware machine-modeled guitar tone creator, browser, and player for macOS and Windows.

Tonex brings the most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals together in IK Multimedia’s Tone Eco-System.

Well, it brings accurately modeled versions of them, at least.

Using IK Multimedia’s advanced AI Machine ModelingTM technology, users can model any amp, cab, or pedal in five minutes (assuming a fast, modern computer).

Basically, it allows you to create your dream guitar or bass rig (or multiple rigs for different occasions) in plugin form.

There are premium and user tone models; premium tone models are official models released by IK Multimedia, and user tone models are created and shared by Tonex users.

As usual, this IK Multimedia product comes in several versions:

  • Tonex CS: FREE
  • Tonex IS: €99.99
  • Tonex: €149.99
  • Tonex MAX: €249.99

All prices are introductory offers, correct at the time of writing, and subject to VAT.

The version of Tonex in use determines the number of premium tone models included and the number of user tone models you can download.

We are focusing on the free Tonex CS, which offers 20 premium tone models, and 20 user downloads.

Tonex CS also comes with ten amps and five pedals.

The models available with Tonex CS include Black Angus (Marshall JCM 800 amp with a Marshall 1960BV cab), Bright Loud Clean (Fender Twin Reverb amp and cab), and Drive A ’57 (Strymon Sunset dual overdrive, Fender 57 Custom Deluxe amp and cab).

As someone who plays guitar sparingly, I’ve always been impressed with Amplitube. So, I’d imagine Tonex could be ideal for serious guitarists.

Nothing beats the real thing, but if you can get close to it for free, that can’t be bad.

It could also be an excellent way for guitarists to travel light, assuming it works as well as expected.

You can open your tone models inside the standalone Tonex/Amplitube or as plugins in your DAW.

For more free guitar sounds, check out the updated Monster Guitar from MonsterDAW, who also released Monster Strings recently.

Download: Amplitube Tonex CS


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  1. It sounds good, but it takes to much HD space (it’s bigger than Amlitube itself). So – uninstalled (just like MODO drums). Actually, I would like to purchase some of their FX and maybe a couple of amps but the fact that I don’t get to install only owned plugs always turns me off. They’ve been talking about taking care of that for ages but it still hasn’t happened :(

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