Organic Instruments Glockenspiel Is A FREE Elemental Player Library


Organic Instruments debuts their new Glockenspiel plugin, a freeware virtual instrument for Windows and MacOS. 

The library is designed for use with Organic Instruments’ free Elemental Player.

The developer describes the Glockenspiel plugin as “an enjoyable, uncomplicated toy performed with inventive techniques.”

The sample library includes six sounds: plastic mallets, plastic mallet handles, and wooden pencil mallets, with felted, dampened, and deadened articulations.

You can check out the YouTube demo if you want to hear Glockenspiel in action before downloading.

The developer elaborates that “this simple children’s toy has been sampled with a variety of standard and inventive performance techniques designed to layer well together, producing clean, enjoyable, and uplifting timbres.”

While the sounds definitely have their place, it’s not for anyone looking for pristine hi-fi audio, as it was recorded in a “furnished, cozy (and disorganized) bedroom,” making for an “uncomplicated instrument, with a refreshingly clean tone.”

The user interface is quite simple and easy to grasp at a glance. 

The plugin includes a reverb section with the following parameters: Size, Width, Dampness, and Dry/Wet. 

There is also a Dynamics section with Gain, Panning and Velocity Range Sliders, an Envelope section with four sliders, as well as a section for selecting between the six sounds.  

If you’ve ever used an Organic Instruments plugin before, this layout will be familiar to you, as all the developer’s releases have either the same or a very similar control scheme.

Glockenspiel was created in Elemental Studio and designed for use with Elemental Player, which is Organic Instruments’ platform for playing sample libraries. 

Both Elemental Player and Glockenspiel can be downloaded for free via the Organic Instruments website, which requires an email to complete the checkout process. 

Glockenspiel is delivered as a digital download that is available immediately after ordering, and as a freeware product, does not require a license to run. 

If you like Glockenspiel, you may want to look at Organic Instruments’ other free virtual instrument, Felted Piano, which is described as “a wistful, melancholic piano with thick felt layers between string and hammer.”

The developer has launched four instruments for Elemental Player, with the other two releases being the paid plugins Atmospheres ($65) and Arcadia: Grand Piano ($29).

Will the relatively new Elemental Player be a useful alternative to Kontakt Player? Let us know in the comments below.

Download: Glockenspiel (FREE – email required)


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