Organic Instruments Announce FREE Elemental Player Plugin


Organic Instruments announced the FREE Elemental Player for macOS and Windows – a free virtual instrument player from Organic Instruments, available from November 1st, 2023.

The Free player allows you to play any instruments created in Elemental Studio, also available November 1st, 2023.

Since the instruments come from Elemental Studio, I’ll briefly run through the basics before getting onto the free player.

Elemental Studio

Elemental Studio is a platform that aims to help beginners and experts alike create professional-grade, sample-based, virtual instruments. It allows users to create unique instruments for personal use, share them with others for free, or release them for sale as a professional product.

In short, it should make mapping audio files and configuring the finer details of your instrument quicker and easier. If you plan to sell instruments, there are visual customization tools to help with brand recognition and built-in iLok licensing so you can sell license codes.

It’s possible to release instruments as independent white-label plugins – contact OI for details.

Elemental Studio will cost $210 for an annual license but has an introductory price of $140 per year with a seven-day free trial available.

Elemental Player (Free)

Elemental Player presents a few options; you could use it along with Elemental Studio or use it exclusively for instruments created by others (free and paid).

The player works in any DAW and provides simple and intuitive controls for each instrument.

Each instrument features individual Reverb, Dynamics, and ADSR Envelope controls. The Dynamics section allows you to adjust Gain, Panning, and Velocity Range settings.

Like the free Kontakt player, Elemental Player lets you load, control, and layer multiple instruments in one place, providing a user-friendly workflow. If you want to layer multiple instruments, just assign them to the same MIDI channel.

The Elemental Player window will be familiar to anyone with sample player experience; it displays the available library on the left and loaded instruments on the right.

The ability to create and release sample-based virtual instruments isn’t new; we have options like Maize Sampler 2 and Decent Sampler.

If you don’t want to create instruments through Elements Studio, the success of Elements Player will depend on the quality of libraries made available. One of the things that I like about Decent Sampler is that there are many unusual additions, like Folk Art Violin and Metal Desk Lamp. I hope we see similar things become available for Elemental Player and more conventional libraries.

The first official library from Organic Instruments is Arcadia: Grand Piano ($29).

I assume we’ll see more as the release date for Elemental Player nears; then, time will tell; it’s interesting.

Elemental Player is available in AU, VST3, AAX, and Standalone formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows.

Includes iLok License Manager (Elemental Player doesn’t require a license, but Organic Instruments uses the iLok Licensing system to protect paid products).

I want to thank everyone who entered the Milestone Madness giveaway one last time and congratulate the winners; it was awesome; thank you.

Check out the deal: Elemental Player (FREE – Available from November 1st)


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  1. Frank Labuschagne


    Looked this a few days ago, contacted them, their policies seem good but i mean, with things like aspik, voltage, protoplug, element, the fullbucket music, k brown, flowstoners, etc sort of stuff…it’s gonna be a difficult time for any, and especially the “fancier” expensive stuff to compete, imo.

    • Frank Labuschagne


      Oh and if iLok is *necessary* (though I doubt that) for publishing commercial plugins, yeah no.

      The other thing is, unless they can beat stuff like the FL studio native sampler, or whatever I can do with scripts, fx, in whatever capable DAW with whatever, there is no way i care about the sampler/player. There are technically hundreds if not thousands of samplers already. I am kinda tired of seeing cloned redundant stuff, and the “music scene” is even worse than porn/glamour crap in that regard.

  2. Just read their reqs. Gotta love the phrasing “includes ILOK License Manager,” as though they’re gifting it to you. Having bought into that ridiculous “protection” scheme years back, I’ll continue to avoid anything infected with PACE’s 1&0s. Honestly? This trend of “free… with ILOK” is garbage. Pulsar’s free EQ that came out recently is the same deal, but my buddy said he found a cracked version sometime last week—a cracked “free” plugin. That’s where we’re at. *smdh*
    On an optimistic outro, shout out to companies like MIA Laboratories and Nembrini Audio, neither of which lock up their free plugins, despite using ILOK for their paid tools.

    • i don’t understand why they waste there money trying to not get stuff cracked , theres people who pay and people who don’t and your not going to deter anyone by using ilok , for one people have cracked stuff with ilok so it doesn’t deter people who use cracks and people who use cracks will just use other cracked stuff , so using iloks and difficult install processes with just get you less users in a world now where we want fast installs , where plugins are like songs this one’s good this one’s shit uninstall , there no place for dongles or iloks anymore use simple online verification , you have killed your product by using ilok

    • I’m certainly no fan of iLok but, in my experience, it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Of course I’d much prefer a simple serial number. Still, I’ve dealt with much worse when it comes to copy protection.

  3. Frank Labuschagne


    I’ll be sure to post about it after I test stuff (I’m super a few ways), interaction with them was good though.

    Here was a reply to questions I asked.

    1. System requirements of the produced plugins.
    2. Actual implementation efficiency and functionality.
    3. Plugin FX additions/capability, what’s the deal there?
    4. Plugin creation and distribution limitations.
    5. Plugin and related rights. For instance if it’s web/online based and I have to upload samples to compile studd, that’s basically exposing my samples raw which kinda kills any idea of “protecting” that. Garbage such as iLok essentially being irrelevant to me either way (that is, as a user if a product uses iLok I don’t bother with that product).

    “1. Exported plug-ins, or exported instruments for the Elemental Player will work on any system with a minimum of MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, or Windows 7.
    2. Plug-ins are extremely efficient, for even the largest and most complex sample libraries.
    3. Many special FX are already built-in, e.g. Reverbs & ADSR Envelopes, and it’s also possible to add special FX audio samples for things like MIDI pedal/key depressions & releases.
    4. There are no limitations or restrictions on how you distribute your products.
    5. You retain the full rights to your product and samples. Even if you choose to protect your instrument with Content Protection, your unencrypted samples never need to be sent anywhere or leave your device, all encryption is performed directly by Elemental Studio. We use iLok for content protection, providing you with License Codes you can sell. If you have concerns about iLok, I’d be happy to discuss how we can find a solution for you.

    Looking forward to working with you Frank!

    With kindest regards,

    Founder & Developer
    organic instruments”

  4. Frank Labuschagne


    So, it requires me me to use iLok to trial their thing, so it’s useless to me. From the discussion I had with them it didn’t really seem as if iLok was gonna be involved unless you want it to be involved.

  5. This is going nowhere. On there are literally hundreds of “professional-grade” virtual instruments in the free Decent Sampler format. Just look at the selection of pianos, or drumkits!. The Decent Sampler format is free and open and can be edited in any text editor. The Decent Sampler player is free as well. There is also an instrument store on the website and built into the player. No iLok or other DRM software required.

    Organic Instruments seems to be an idea that the sampling world has passed by. 10 years ago, perhaps, with limited options $210 (per year!) for sample creation software would not sound too unreasonable, but in 2023? No.

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