NUsofting Releases FREE Sosir Freeze-Delay For Windows


Developer NUsofting has released the Sosir Freeze-Delay plugin, and it is free to download as a VST3 plugin for Windows 64-bit.

Sosir Freeze-Delay is another unusual plugin from NUsofting, a developer known for creating innovative plugins that don’t simply copy other tools.

Now, on the surface, this is ostensibly just another delay. However, this one does come with a novel trick up its sleeve: Sosir Freeze-Delay is a plugin meant to coax bowed sounds from something plucked or struck.

I’m no stranger to making pads and drones with atypical sources, as I’m sure most of you at home are also equally well-versed in doing.

Over my years playing guitar, you can do a passable facsimile of something like a synth with the right chain of effects. Sosir Freeze-Delay takes some of that guesswork and does away with it.

The plugin itself is divided into two main parts. You have the bow section, which allows you to design how the sound is going to play out, and the delay section.

The delay section comes with the standard elements you’d expect, like time and feedback. You’ve got a depth and rate for the modulation of the delay as well, which is always a welcome sight.

The bow section is where things get intriguing. You can filter out frequencies and add in both the bowed sound as well as a synthesized suboctave.

To replicate the same sort of effects with my guitar, I’d be leaning on quite a few different processors, but this eliminates the need for a volume pedal, octave, and delay. I found it does sound great on guitars, even if it isn’t something I’d reach for every single time.

I’ve got an Ebow, so when I’m after that ethereal not-cello sound, that’s where I reach. However, if you’re wanting to do something similar for free, Sosir Freeze-Delay is certainly worth a look.

Sadly, our Mac readers are left out of the mix once again. Sosir Freeze-Delay is only available for Windows users who can use VST3 plugins on their hosts. It ran fine in the likes of Reaper and Studio One for me, so chances are it’ll run just fine on most hosts.

Download: Sosir Freeze-Delay (FREE)


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