Get 97% Off in Plugin Boutique Anniversary Bundle Featuring 13 Products


Plugin Boutique’s 12th Anniversary Bundle sale features 13 products, including some great plugins, with the whole lot at 97% off. 

If you bought all 13 products individually, you’d have to shell out an eye-watering $892.49 – however, if you pick up the bundle, you can pick up the same deal for just $29, saving you $863.49.

The products included in the12th Anniversary Bundle are Bx_subsynth, God Mode, MTurboDelay, Lifeline Console Lite, Knock Clipper, UniChannel, Convex,  Deflect, Inspired Synth Riffs, Pop Session Drums, Neon City Synthwave for Massive, Serum Expansion Pack: Quest and a Loopcloud One Month Artist Plan.

Plugin Boutique stated that the bundle features “our favourite products”, ranging from “crowd pleasers to cult icons, household names to underground heavyweights, this bundle has a carefully curated choice of our heaviest hitters!”

Plugin Boutique also said “We want to thank you for your support, and with eight plugins, over 7 GB of samples, over 100 synth presets, and access to millions of sounds for $29, we can’t think of a better way to do it.”

Now let’s take a brief look at the included products!

The Brainworx Bx_subsynth synthesizer generates subharmonic frequencies to help add depth to tracks with thin bass profiles. 

Denise Audio’s God Mode EQ is a modern version of the legendary analogue Pultec EQ.

MeldaProduction’s MTurboDelay features an exhaustive lineup of 39 delay designs in a single plugin, covering both analogue and digital styles. 

Excite Audio’s Lifeline Console Lite is designed to add warmth and life to recordings by simulating analogue audio processing. 

Decap’s Knock Clipper is a hard/soft clipper, taken from the clip module of the developer’s Knock plugin. 

United Plugins’ UniChannel features 27 plugins which are designed to create the sound of an analog setup with the convenience of a digital design. 

Glitchmachines’ Convex is a multi-effect processor based around a multimode filter, pitch shifter and delay.

The bundle lineup also features a range of sample, loop and preset packs that cover a wide range of sonic territory. 

Also included is the Loopcloud One Month Artist Plan, which gives access to an extensive library of royalty-free audio loops, samples, and presets with DAW integration. 

Check out the full list of products on the bundle page below if you want to do a deep dive into everything that’s on offer. 

Check out the deal: Plugin Boutique’s 12th Anniversary Bundle (97% off – only $29)


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  1. MTurboDelay is easily worth 35€ alone, unless you already own another top class multimode delay like Valhalla Delay. It’s not just another delay, but has like 40 different delay modules, like bucket brigade, tape, tap, pitch manipulation, emulations of famous delay units, experimental glitch etc and so on, each with their own presets. I bought it with introductory price when it came out, at least twice as much of what this package costs, and I haven’t regretted it at all.

  2. MTurboDelay is normally like 99€, never seen it that cheap, and I don’t think it’s bad. While Melda’s UI choices are sometimes questionable, the sound quality and stability of their plugins is good.

    • I hink MTurboDelay is a big compangion of Amplitubes IK-Delay and Repeater from D16. More echo + delay I think is not realistic.

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