Fracture Sounds Releases Blueprint: Textural Violin, A FREE Kontakt Player Library


Blueprint: Textural Violin is A FREE Kontakt Player Library that has just been released by the developer Fracture Sounds.

Fracture Sounds hasn’t quite finished spoiling us when it comes to free libraries for Kontakt Player. Now, this isn’t your usual string library, but Blueprint: Textural Violin certainly has some intrigue behind it.

Like the rest of the Blueprint line, this focuses on a single sound, in this case, violins which have been manipulated into becoming the stuff of ambient dreams.

You’ve got a few different articulations like col legno, tremolo, bends, and spikes. This all comes together with a few different controls to help maximize the expressiveness of your musical passages.

Dynamics are automatically mapped to the mod wheel on your MIDI controller, so you can coax a little more realism out of your performances.

In addition, You’ve got a few different effects on hand, with delay, scatter, reverb, and a nebulously named atmosphere all present. The delay and reverb function as you’d expect.

The atmosphere is less an effect and more of a complimentary layer of sound. The more interesting component to me is the scatter, which randomizes the pan of each sample playing. It produces an uncanny effect, and I like the unpredictable nature when you’re playing something.

Now, Textural Violin isn’t bound to replace the ever-expensive string libraries you’ll find from the likes of Spitfire, Cinesamples, and others. However, as something to complement productions, I think it works fairly well.

The sounds are begging to be drenched in a granulizer and fed to a massive reverb. I can already see myself taking some rendered one-shots and feeding them to some modular gubbins to make nightmare sounds or call to mind a dishwasher.

As with the rest of Fracture Sounds’s offerings, these are fully mapped for NKS-compatible controllers.

As such, if you’re using something like a Komplete Kontrol, you’ll be well-prepared. For the rest of us, I think it sounds great and is certainly worth the space on my hard drive.

Since you can run it with Kontakt Player, that makes it open for anyone to grab and implement in their next composition.

Also, I’d just like to take a brief moment and thank all of you lovely readers for joining me on what is my 300th article here at BPB!

Download: Blueprint: Textural Violin (FREE Library for Kontakt)


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  1. For some reason after i get the serial number and register it, when in Native Access, there is no install button like the other ones have.

  2. Once you add the serial number, close Native Access and reload it. It should then be available for installation.

  3. This one is worth the download. Part of the confusion within Native Access, at least for me was the name of the button they tell you to click after adding the serial is incorrect (or it was on my version of NA anyway). I think they say to click a button called “add” and it’s actually called “new” (I’m getting my example wrong, I’m certain but you get the picture). Just look at the tabs near the top and one of them will be labeled something that makes sense for adding a new product, albeit without the label they indicate in their instructions.

    Anyway, this is definitely my favorite of this blueprint series so far. All of the articulations are solid, very gorgeous sounds in a simple interface – just enough options. Very nice indeed!

  4. Thank you for your 300 articles! A true labor of love and care for spreading access to those who might not know otherwise.
    Bliss & Bless to you

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