BFD3 Flagship Drum Software Is Currently 85% OFF!


For a limited time, you can get the BFD3 drum by BFD Drums for only $49.00 (retail price being $329.99) at Audio Plugin Deals.

BFD3 is a flagship acoustic drum software that delivers mix-ready presets and innovative modeling technology for tom resonance and cymbal swells, aiming for uncompromising detail.

We recently covered the free BFD Player, but the full version of the software delivers new levels of realism and ground-breaking features in an intuitive, redesigned engine.

It features 7 new kits recorded in two locations, a new mixer, and a sound browser for a much more streamlined user experience.

BFD3 was designed to sound great while offering as much depth as you need. 

You can browse for entire presets, quickly compile custom kits, or mold any single drum sound you desire by retuning, damping, and processing multiple mics with its powerful internal mixing engine.

The built-in Groove section offers a versatile range of session drummer performances alongside pattern editing and creation functions. 

You can select from a wide range of musical drum rudiments and build your own realistic parts.

What stands BFD3 apart from the competition is its intelligent drum and dynamics modeling approach.

BFD3 introduces modeled tom resonance and bleed, providing a natural-sounding glue that blends the drum kit’s sound. 

Furthermore, the modeling varies with the characteristics and tuning of any combination of drums for unmatched realism. It also includes improved dynamics matching across drums and a swell-modeling algorithm for more realistic cymbal washes.

Talking of new effects, BFD3 provides DCAM-modelled compression, filtering, and other effects alongside musical EQs and algorithmic reverbs. 

You can also use an external signal as a compression sidechain source.

New workflow enhancements let you hide multiple drum and ambient mics for simpler mixing approaches, and it’s easier to route multiple channels to discrete outputs for further processing with other plugins or external gear. 

BFD3 also offers multi-channel audio export direct to disk and grooves can be exported using drag and drop directly in your DAW of choice.

Other improvements over the previous versions include disk space optimization, a faster and more efficient audio engine, and an extendable interface for larger screens.

BFD3 is available as VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats or standalone versions for both Mac and Windows.

An external SSD for storing the audio content is strongly recommended.

Check out the deal: BFD3 (85% Off Until March 18th At Audio Plugin Deals – $49.00)


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  1. [aˈtoːm] [aːl] [ˈa(ː)tonaːl]


    i already had geist2 for years. now it was time to get bfd3.
    thx for that news. the download and install process is a bit tedious. and the content download is HUUGE. huge like “2020 games dl huge” thou^^

  2. Michael Jackson


    Checking on-line on reviews on this, this software has bugs in it. Installation problems and crashing all the time. InMusic now owns it but the problem seems to be the software. Not with everyone but with enough people who paid the free price.

    What format is the library? If it wavs or flac, then you could just use the library in a sampler.

  3. Man, there is no demo for this and I don’t have time to watch videos and read documentation to see if it has what I want.

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