Solaris Is A FREE Decent Sampler Library By Venus Theory


Venus Theory has just released a new FREE instrument called Solaris, and it’s compatible with the free Decent Sampler plugin.

The name inspiration comes from the Elta Music Solar 42, an analog ambient drone synthesizer sampled to create Solaris.

The result is a set of 10 Decent Sampler patches, each beautifully detailed and rich, for that characteristic dark and tense cinematic sound Venus Theory is known to inject in his sound design projects.

The patches deliver a distinct sonic character of experimental analog drones and textures with haunting beauty and organic, vivid character.

This was the result of careful and tasteful sampling of the chaotic processing of the Solar 42 synth, which offers an unusual approach to sound processing and synthesis.

Apart from being semi-modular, microtonal, and sensitive to light, the Solar 42 also features swappable chip stereo effects units, independent from the left and right channels, to create massive soundscapes.

Thanks to a massive set of oscillators and panning options, this is an ambient composer’s dream.

Anyway, the truth is that not everyone owns this rare synth, hence Venus Theory has kindly shared his expertise and artistic vision to create a free instrument for anyone to enjoy.

Solaris can be an excellent fit for thriller film composers, sci-fi game audio designers, or electronic musicians seeking evocative soundscapes to inject into their projects.

 The Decent Sampler instrument also offers additional, versatile options to customize the patches.

You’ll find traditional ADSR controls for both the amplitude and the central low-pass filter, with its own Cutoff and Resonance parameters and delay and reverb effects.

If you want to move the filter, you just need to crank up the Env knob and adjust the dedicated filter ADSR controls as you wish.

Interestingly, the included reverb features six modes of operation: Tape Echo, Andromeda, Hall, Plate, Room, and Spring.

The delay can be set in musical subdivisions of dotted, straight, or triplet values synced to the host tempo.

The reverb and delay effects have been restricted to ranges of up to 40%, according to the developer’s taste.

Each patch is playable between the C0 and C5 notes, so you can have fun exploring a wide range of tones, from basses to leads and beyond.

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Download: Solaris (FREE / Name-your-price)


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