Waves Audio Launches BIG March Sale (Plugin Prices Starting At $9.99)


Waves Audio launched the BIG March Sale, offering substantial discounts on individual plugins and product bundles. Prices start at $9.99, and free plugins are included with every order over $50 for a limited time.

BIG March Sale is the latest sale from Waves Audio. You can expand your Waves plugin arsenal with various best-sellers at bargain prices and get additional free plugins with your order if you spend $50 or more.

There are quite a few plugins currently priced at $9.99, including some rather useful mixing tools.

The IR-L Convolution Reverb is an excellent choice, as it will let you simulate various real-world spaces in your mixes. It’s one of my favorite convolution reverbs because it’s super lightweight while delivering great-sounding reverb tones.

Waves IR-L is an oldie-but-goodie convolution reverb plugin.

Waves IR-L is an oldie-but-goodie convolution reverb plugin.

It comes with a 4.8 GB library of reverb impulses, including over 2,000 different spaces. There are plenty of reverbs to choose from, from huge cathedrals to intimate rooms and studios.

Another personal favorite is the Codex Wavetable Synth, which you can grab for $19.99 during the sale. It’s a decent wavetable synth with a huge selection of built-in presets. It’s an excellent starting point if you’re new to wavetable synthesis.

You can also check out some Waves Audio classics such as the SuperTap delay, V-EQ3 vintage equalizer, and the C1 Compressor. These are priced at $19.99 each, but there are many other plugins you will find in this price bracket.

What’s particularly cool is that you can get additional free plugins with any purchase. You get one extra free plugin when you spend $50, two plugins when you spend $60, and three free plugins when you spend $90 or more.

Here’s a detailed list of free Waves plugins that you can get as a bonus during the Big March Sale. Keep in mind that there’s a maximum of three free plugins per order. You should split your purchase into multiple orders to get additional free plugins.

Waves Audio launched a subscription-only model last year but decided to make it optional after a negative response from the users.

You can now purchase individual licenses again, but keep in mind that this still doesn’t include free updates. Once the plugins are updated to a new major release, you’ll need to purchase another license to keep your installation up to date.

There’s been plenty of debate about the Waves Update Plan online. Some users dislike it, and some don’t mind it as long as their plugins work correctly.

Either way, Waves offers some useful music production tools, and there are still some great bargains to be had during sales and freebie offers.

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Get the deal: Waves BIG March Sale (prices starting at $9.99, additional free plugins when you spend $50 or more)


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  1. I wonder how many actually still buy these? I’d assume majority of Waves users are older big studio producers that got the platinum/gold package back in the day and are kinda stuck in the workflow/habit of using them. Even with these prices I think most of them are over priced, dated and redundant. There are better and cheaper (even free) options available for more or less everything they have to offer. I think if they would sell all the old plugins at 5 bucks a piece they might sell alright. Or big 20 or so plugin bundles at an impulse buy price. Charging $20 for a 20+ year old flanger or basic compressor is insane, most DAWs have way better stock plugins these days than what the Waves are offering.

  2. As far as I can see sadly only a handful or plugs are available at 9.99, several of which is regularly given away free, like the One Knob series.

  3. Reality Check


    “big” sale is a laugh. A few crusty ancient utility plugs for 9.99. Yeah, VU meter is something to pay for LMAO. Any plugingsanyone would actually want to spend money on is 30 to 35 bucks at least. And the “free” choices if you spend 50 bucks are a joke, aside from maybe the kramer tape which is an alright distortion plugin (tape my butt).

    So many better ways to spend ones money in plugin land than on geriatric 80 year old waves plugins.

    Dont get me wrong, waves has a few key plugins that are good, just not as part of the sale for a sane price.

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