Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE VocalFIXit Plugin Suite


Psycho Circuitry has released the VocalFIXit suite consisting of 3 hardware-inspired tools for perfecting voice recordings.

When it comes to freebies, vocal processors are scarce. Sure, you’ll find the usual culprits, such as compressors, EQs, and other crucial components of vocal processing.

However, unless you’re willing to do some legwork, de-essers, bleeds, and clicks on vocal tracks are woefully underserved.

Psycho Circuitry’s VocalFIXit comes in two main flavors, with a paid and free version being readily available. The free version is more than enough for processing some of the ills a vocal take might have.

The free version has three main processors: a plosive suppressor, a de-click module, and something to handle mic bleed.

All three have a greatly reduced control set compared to the fully paid version, but they work quite well. Sometimes having fewer controls is actually beneficial to the workflow and speed when working on a mix. All three modules share a sensitivity and delta control.

The delta allows you to hear what is actually getting processed on a vocal, while the sensitivity allows you to dial in just the right setting. You’re missing out on the character and VCA saturation seen in the full version, but that’s alright.

Coupled with something like MJUC Jr and TDR’s Nova, you’ve got a stellar vocal chain on the cheap. One of the bigger drawbacks is the processors are mono only, but that’s fine for most vocal takes.

If you’re processing harmonies and the like, you’ll adjust accordingly. Compatibility is stellar for the plugins, so I can forgive some of the limitations on the whole suite.

It is easy to dial things in, which is always a big plus for me when it comes to any effect. Sure, having more fine control over parameters has a time and a place.

However, I do find that I love it when I can just get things rolling immediately. You don’t need an account or management software to download this bundle either, you can readily just snag them off the main page over at Psycho Circuitry.

Supported operating systems are Windows 10, 11, and MacOS versions, with Big Sur being the oldest supported. All plugins are fully notarized for usage on Macs as well, so installation is a cinch.

Check out the deal: VocalFIXit (FREE / Paid version – $19 introductory price)


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