Get Analog Lab Play With A FREE Pop Transcendence Bonus Soundpack


For a limited time, Audio Plugin Deals offers the Analog Lab Play plugin and the Pop Transcendence sound pack by Arturia.

Out of Arturia’s massive product catalog, few softsynths carry the sort of appeal as Analog Lab. Analog Lab Play was introduced recently, giving a limited selection of presets but otherwise giving users a taste of what the full version offers. 

Analog Lab Play comes with 100 presets out of the gate, which is great for users looking to surf and find sounds that fit their compositions.

Controls are kept to a minimum, keeping things out of the way so you can create as necessary. Of course, you can edit presets with the full version and a copy of V Collection. However, for the casual user, think of it as an Arturia-branded Nexus, and you aren’t far off the mark.

While the plugin is free, additional sound packs aren’t. However, you can currently get a bonus sound bank for free in this exclusive Audio Plugin Deals offer.

Pop Transcendence adds another 150 presets to the mix. These fit a variety of genres and should make quick work of styles like EDM, hyperpop, trap, and other popular genres.

You might not use it to make one of those massive techno rumble kicks that seem all the rage. However, this isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for something glossy and mix-ready.

Snagging this all opens up the Arturia preset ecosystem for users. It might not be as effective as the whole V Collection, but there is more than enough to have quite a bit of fun in the DAW.

I appreciate Analog Lab; I mostly make my own multis using other synths in the V Collection. That said, if you have some friends who are more sound design-oriented, you can take advantage of some of their presets as well.

Now, there isn’t a rush to get Analog Lab Play itself; you can snag that at any point in time.

However, Pop Transcendence is a more limited offer. The pack ordinarily goes for $30 on Arturia’s official site, so you might as well grab it while you can.

Analog Lab Play is available for Windows and Mac computers. All major plugin formats are supported, and Silicon support has been present since the launch of V Collection 8.

Check out the deal: Analog Lab Play + Pop Transcendence Sound Pack by Arturia (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. CoopMusic247


    I have the full collection, but just to let people know the Analog Lab is a great collection and Play is pretty dope. The preset packs that you can buy are better than almost any preset pack I’ve gotten for any other synth minus Phase Plant or Serum, but even with those it can be hit or miss. There’s a lot in Analog Lab packs because they come from all the synths in the full collection. Plus the upgrade path is really great. I got the full collection for $150.

  2. Anyone know what happens if you already have the paid-for version of Analog Lab V and you try this deal for the free soundbank?

    It’s one that I don’t have!

  3. I can confirm that the Pop Transcendance soundpack also works withn the Analog Lab Intro version.
    Btw, there are some other free soundpacks in the Store, I only discovered that when I was looking for the Pop Transcendance soundpack.

  4. CoopMusic247


    Also if you have Analog Lab the full one check the in-app store often. I got 3 expansions for free just recently with over 200 presets. It was the Exploration one that are now paid purchases.

  5. If you got Pigments you don’t need this, since you already have all of these same presets in Pigments. Analog Lab is pretty great though if you don’t own many Arturia plugins and/or like using presets instead of tweaking synths.

    • CoopMusic247


      I personally like the limitations and simplicity of Analog Lab and the underlying synths. Pigments, which I also have, is so complex which is crazy cool especially with the continuous updates I’ve gotten since the first release, but for so much it’s just overkill.

      • Sure, and if it’s free it doesn’t really hurt to have them both. I was just personally a bit disappointed that I already had all the exact presets in Pigments (Pigments also has the easy to use Macro controls if you don’t want to dive any deeper). I was hoping it would have had presets from Arturia’s other synths too (especially the vocal synths, as it is a pop preset pack)

  6. i love the analog lab play it’s great
    but these presets are the basic type you’d make yourself
    there are much better free presets analog ones by new loops but grab them still , but yeah this free plug in is great i mean if your not a preset designer ( which i can do but it’s tedious id much rather tweak good presets

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