Ginger Audio Releases Authentic Audio Collaboration Plugin


Ginger Audio released the Authentic Audio remote music collaboration plugin for Mac and Windows. We are taking a closer look at the software and giving away 10 monthly subscriptions to BPB readers.

Learn more about Authentic Audio below, and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter the giveaway.

Authentic Audio – Make Music With Anyone, Anywhere

Ginger Audio describes Authentic Audio as a “real-time, high-quality audio streaming plugin from your DAW to anywhere.”

There is a seven-day free trial, but after that, you’d need to opt for a subscription, which is priced at $5.90 weekly, $12.90 monthly, or $99 annually. 

So, what do you get with Authentic Audio, and how does it simplify remote collaboration for musicians?

Ginger Audio states that the plugin allows you to collaborate in real-time with other creatives in low latency, lossless audio at PCM 32-bit, 96 kHz quality. 

Authentic Audio is compatible with VST3, AAX, and AU plugin hosts. The plugin can stream from these formats to supported web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.  

Authentic Audio also boasts unlimited connections, video chat, screen sharing, talkback surround sound, and multichannel support. It’s definitely a step up from any other music collaboration service we tried in the past.

If you want to get an idea of how all this works, check out the in-depth YouTube tutorial from Ginger Audio. 

The developer states that Authentic Audio is designed for “flawless live transmission and reception.” There’s nothing worse than lag and connection problems standing in the way of an online jam, and Authentic Audio aims to prevent this by ensuring a stable connection throughout.

Ginger Audio adds that the plugin “delivers unparalleled sound clarity, ensuring your virtual sessions meet the highest audio standards.”

No doubt, for someone who regularly does remote collaborations, Authentic Audio could become an essential tool. However, you’ll need a good internet connection on both ends to ensure that the software can perform at its best.

If you only need to use it for a one-off, you can cancel the plan at any time, so the weekly subscription could get you down to business using the high-quality plugin with only a minimal outlay. 

Apart from the official tutorial, there doesn’t seem to be much content out there currently showing what Authentic Audio can do.

However, the tutorial does an excellent job of showing the plugin’s capabilities, which, if you need this kind of functionality, could make your life a lot easier. 

Ginger Audio is offering an introductory deal for Authentic Audio. If you buy any Ginger Audio product, you’ll receive a free month of access to the plugin.

The company currently offers five products, with the lineup also featuring iRender, GroundControl Sphere, GroundControl Caster, and GroundControl Room

Ginger Audio products typically enable improved workflow between system components and collaborators while retaining high-quality audio.  

Check out the deal: Authentic Audio (FREE 7-day trial, subscription needed after that – $5.90 weekly, $12.90 monthly, or $99 annually)

The Giveaway

Ginger Audio kindly provided 10 monthly Authentic Audio subscriptions for 10 lucky BPB readers.

To enter the giveaway, please answer this question in the comments below: Do you prefer making music solo or collaborating with other musicians?

We will randomly pick 10 winners and announce them on this page on April 5th, 2024.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading BPB! :)


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    • Grant Thunder


      I love collaborating with other talented passionate creative people. To have a tool like this would make it easier in remote collaboration side and the waiting on the session to come through with notes via WeTransfer. Be like being in the room with that person.
      Two studios

    • So far have only worked solo but feel the time is ripe to open up to the possibility of the right collaborators…

  1. I’m actually not sure what i prefer. I know i love the feedback I get from other people and the ideas when we collaborate, but sometimes we can disagree and yeah haha then i wish i did it by myself. I probably prefer collaborating though, because I can always still tweak it afterwards.

  2. I have both solo and collaborative projects. I think everyone should try both. It is an invaluable experience that can influence the way you approach your work

  3. What makes a musician a musician is music and fellow musicians.
    The better your connection with these two things, the more you develop.
    So you have to have a good connection with these two things.

  4. I love collaborating, it’s always interesting to see how different two peoples styles can be within the same discipline

  5. I always prefer collaborations. I work with two projects – one band is 400 km away the vocalist I produce is nearly as far away. It’s a pain in the ass, but somehow I manage.

  6. there is a vst that does this for free, i believe its called satellite sessions, by mixed in key, beats me if it went subscription now, but try that before you drop a WEEKLY subscription

  7. Gary Thompson


    I love collaborating with other musicians above anything.Though I when writing songs, I prefer to be alone

  8. I would love to have the opportunity to collab with others to be able to share knowledge and experiences, and to create something we all could be happy with and proud to release. Unfortunately, so far I’ve mostly been working alone. I hope that changes very soon. I have so much music to share and so little time – Time is your greatest real adversary in life ~Tiygrail

  9. MultipliedCow


    Collaboration is always best. Writing solo becomes stale and difficult to stay inventive. Collaboration allows one to bounce ideas off someone else giving the original idea more depth and a new direction. It’s difficult to find serious musicians on the same level. I haven’t had that in 25 years. I tend to find the unstable psychopaths instead.

  10. I love collaborating. I’m in Hawaii and the bass player I work with lives in Boston so this could be a game changer for me!

  11. I’ve never seen so many comments in something in BPB lol.
    Although it’s really nice to make music with ppl, we all have our own secrets, so, I think I’d rather to only streaming as a “podcast” instead of video stuffs, so in that matters I think the “Sonobus” vst it’s way better and it’s free!

  12. Hector robles


    Collaboration is the heart of music, but it is hard when most of the time distance make it difficult with some collaborator to work with me. This is a promising solution!!!

  13. After years playing in a band, I’m currently make my music alone, recording all the instruments. Already had three live shows and the next is to happen in the coming months, meanwhile working on my debut album. So far I’m happy how things are going, when I decide to produce a big concert, then I’d prefer to have live musicians along, already looking for them :)

  14. I would much rather work with others than solo, I think the more artists in the process you have the possibilities for greater art

  15. Santiago Luna


    I prefer to collaborate, collaborating with the correct people gives richness and quality to your productions.



    When you find great people around you, it always great to collaborate. Here in BADTAPE RECORDS, we have solo artists, musician. We are all friends so even when someone is working on a solo release, it is always good to listen to someone’s ideas and to benefit from each other skills. You can’t be perfect in everything, it is good to get a support from someone who knows more in some skill.

  17. I actually love both. Collaborations are great to write songs together, to produce together, when you’re not in the same city. Actually I would have done it way more often if there would have been a reliable, good sounding and really usable system before.. I’m now really really curious about Ginger’s Authentic Audio Collaboration Plugin and would love to get the chance to have it. Thank you !!!

  18. Johnny Thirteen


    Well, I guess it’s possible… But I don’t see any reason to collaborate with yourself alone. I’d say collaborating with others usually tends to more creative and more unique overall sound. I all for working with others on any kind of creative project, not only music! Absolutely.

  19. I miss collaborating with other musicians! It gets so boring doing the whole process by yourself sometimes.

    • In my opinion it’s always good to do both!
      I’d still prefer to collaborate if I really had to choose.
      Music is made for collaboration!

  20. Collaboration often generates amazing surprises. I do work alone on key elements of a new songs, but collaboration is what gives them life.

  21. Lionel Zivan S Valdellon


    I most definitely prefer making music solo. No differing opinions influencing the output, or power struggles. Of course, if I’m collaborating with a paying client, I’m open to ALL opinions. LOL.

  22. Collaborating with others to create music can bring different ideas and perspectives, sparking creativity, and helping to expand one’s musical style and skills.

  23. Hasta el momento he trabajado en mis proyectos personales, pero a futuro si tengo pensado en poder colaborar ya que todo es un aprendizaje y de seguro en una colaboración será algo interesante por hacer.

  24. I love collaboration with other creatives! I haven’t found anyone serious enough but hopefully his plugin will change that!

  25. I would love to collab with people, but am a bit shy, and have not got around to reach out to people much :D
    So probably I prefer to do it my self at the moment.
    Future brings collabs for sure!

  26. I like both. Some projects I like to do just by myself, but others it’s great to have other people to bounce off and create with.

  27. Sonny Styles


    I would enjoy the the privilege n opportunity to collaborate with otha beatbmakers, producers, singers, rappers etc. I’ve collaborated with people a long time ago n of course it was in person. Being there in person can bring real music vibes. That musical chemistry can be very potent when ur able to vibe in person. Howeva, technology has come a long way since then. I would love to take it to the next level and learn from people all over and drop gems for those that are willin to learn from me by using this new technology.

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