Ginger Audio Releases FREE Version Of GroundControl ROOM


Ginger Audio released a FREE version of GroundControl ROOM, their virtual audio routing app for macOS.

This app offers a basic set of features provided in the Pro version so that you can easily control all of your studio’s audio inputs and outputs.

The foundation of GroundControl ROOM is an easy-to-use interface that puts input selection on one side and output on the other.

In the free version, two included inputs allow for quick audio routing from various sources.

Users can route audio from sites like YouTube or a music player like Spotify, making it easy to test your mix against a wide variety of sources quickly.

Additionally, GroundControl ROOM has multiple outputs, making sending audio to numerous sources easy.

For example, with the click of a button, producers can easily switch between multiple monitors when testing their mix.

Each input/output has dynamic panning controls volume leveling. All audio feeds into a master control that can be muted or turned mono.

GroundControl ROOM also has a built-in LUFS and True Peak meter, which makes it incredibly useful when cross-referencing the loudness of another track with your own. Ginger Audio implemented a LUFS meter plugin on every input and output of GroundControl ROOM.

Another helpful feature of GroundControl ROOM is the ability to add any AU format plugin to your input or output channel. This makes it easy to test the effects of different plugins on your mix without taking the time to add and calibrate them to the specific track.

This AU compatible is also great for adding room correction or simulation software if you’re mixing in a less-than-ideal acoustic environment.

The pro version includes features such as five additional outputs/inputs, the ability to create virtual audio devices, Bluetooth, and Midi functionality so that you can control the plugin via a MIDI device.

The virtual devices are used as if they’re “virtual cables.” Essentially, you could create multiple audio devices from one device (your computer). One might be playing a YouTube video, the other from your DAW.

These devices can then route to one output audio and be A/B’d or even played simultaneously.

It also has a talkback input source which can be especially useful for producers wishing to communicate with vocalists during a studio session easily.

Beyond mixing, GroundControl ROOM can be helpful to those looking to stream their DAW production session with software such as OBS.

It’s also worth noting that Avid released a new version of Pro Tools with the Aux IO feature, making it the perfect companion for GroundControl ROOM.

Download: GroundControl ROOM (compatible with macOS)


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