Wusik JX1 Virtual Synthesizer Is FREE For a Limited Time


Wusik JX1 is a new virtual analog synthesizer in the Wusik lineup that is available for free for a limited time. It’s fully functional except for the preset saving capabilities,

It certainly seems like the tail end of March is rife with cheap and free plugins. If you’ve been on the hunt for a new virtual analog synth, then you certainly are spoiled for choice with Charlatan and Substitute.

However, if you still need more options in the synthesizer department, then Wusik JX1 might be right up your alley.

JX1 is a virtual analogue synth with all the standard features you might expect. It has a pair of oscillators, an amplitude envelope, a filter envelope, and some built-in effects.

The oscillators themselves come with a pair of waveforms. You’ve got the choice between a saw and a pulse for your sound generation needs.

The filter is a fairly basic affair with a single slope. It is self-resonating, so you can push it into some interesting textures if desired.

Modulation is pre-routed to the filter, vibrato, and pulse width modulation for the LFOs. You can’t select the waveform, but you can dictate the amount.

The lack of a freely assignable LFO is a drawback for me personally. I love assigning it to things like pitch.

Wusik JX1 is rounded by some effects. No synth is complete without a delay of some sort built-in. JX1’s delay works fine; it wouldn’t be my first choice for time-based effects.

The reverb is likewise serviceable. It sounds nice to the ears for pads and the like.

The synth is resizable, which is a blessing if you’re working at higher resolutions. You can select polyphony or monophonic playback for your synth lines.

It is missing cross-mod, but it does have sync. If you’re new to music production, this might be a handy addition to the old plugin folder.

All in all, I do think it is a bit limited, even when compared to some of the more rigid retro emulations you’ll find for free or as a paid alternative.

24 voices of polyphony are certainly welcome, as that certainly beats the likes of something like Model 84 by Softube.

Still, for the price of nothing, it is certainly worth a shot.

Download: Wusik JX1 (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Not only will you get a free synth you will also get a whole load of spam emails from him every day until the end of time. (even if you try to unsubscribe or even write to ask him to remove you from the mailing list.) But sure…free synth :)

      • Peter Dillon-Parkin


        Couldn’t agree more. There is something seriously odd about the “wuzik” people. Dis someone sell them a “create your own soft synth” package 20 odd years ago?

    • Seconding this. I had to block their email addresses since they won’t unsubscribe me. Never gonna mess with them again!

  2. Fracture Sounds has released Toy Piano, the sixth instrument in the Blueprint series:


  3. Michael Jackson


    I get spam emails from all sort of developers wanting me to go broke buying their products. If I can’t unsubscribe, it goes into the spam folder. I know Wusik emails a lot (myself included) but he is struggling with health problems and needing an income. I feel compassion is more needed in this situation. As far “create your own soft synth” package, there’s more people doing it today as I get emails advertising their new plugin. Maybe too many people are using Romplur or AI.

    • Nah, William K is just a grifter. He’s been doing the same woe-is-me song and dance for decades and he’s never owned up to anything he has done to screw over paying customers; it’s always the customers fault, people in forums are just being mean to him, etc.

      Lots of people still fall for it like you evidently have but some of us have dealt with the same s*** for a very long time and we’ve been burned by Wusik many times long before alot of folks even knew about the one-man company.

      You’ve been warned.

      • Listen it’s not hard to unsub him is it ? he has had mental health problems , i told him i couldn’t afford wusic x before as i was out of work with depression maybe in future and he gave me a FREE copy , so he isn’t that bad , when people are ill and cranky they get the wrong title of asshole stop crying woe is me etc, but he probably is a nice guy on a sinking ship, ie trying to make money off old software while trying to update it the way he knows how , i think he should abandon a lot of the old softwares and make one new thing and take his time( it seems like he is forvever making new wusic stations) while leaving the old stuff for sale , but it seems like he is desperate for money all the time , the erratic way he acts online is very much like me and seems like someone with anxiety or ocd , so let’s cut him a break this is FREE guys , but yeah i won’t be downloading it 😂🤣 the wusic x is buggy as hell .

  4. Wuzik is a single developer that puts tremendous effort and time in his work. the emails got too much and after a decade i unsubscribed and blocked too, but the dude is riding the whole thing solo with very substantial output and productivity so do him the courtesy of at least not comparing the work to smash and grab. first few comments felt distasteful.

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      Gee, sorry about being “distasteful.” But, as others have pointed out, he’s been doing this for a looooong time. As to his productivity, no one is disputing that. If anything that’s the problem and the reason that most people can’t name a single one of their products. Maybe slow the development, identify uses for your products. The WuzikStation & Eve plugins are well thought of, but others not so much. He seems to release stuff without testing. If he put his efforts into promoting the products people like and use he might do better. At the moment it’s as if lkMultimedia put all their efforts into spamming us over their least successful plugin.

  5. Andreas Melchior


    “Modulation is pre-routed to the filter, vibrato, and pulse width modulation for the LFOs.”
    “The lack of a freely assignable LFO is a drawback for me personally. I love assigning it to things like pitch.”

    Vibrato is pitch, isn’t it?

  6. I have got a lot of respect for William, the person behind Wusik. Wusik was OK up to version 6. But he has run into personal problems, and seems now sadly only being able to launch new versions of plugs, that doesn’t get finished properly, before he launches another one.

  7. I note that Syntorial Primer 2 is free with the new issue of Beat Magazine (no 5 2024), that is out next week.

    • Thanks for the info :-)

      It is interesting that one have to sign up to the newsletter, if they no longer are going to promote their plugins, but give them away for free

      • Well, I noticed that but decided not to care. I guess they didn’t bother to do anything besides making plugins available for free. The plugs are really nice.


    It wouldn’t surprise me if you find out you will have to pay $19.99 to $59.99 (or more) to be able to save your presets. And if that’s the case, this synth obviously isn’t free.

    I can confirm almost everything said about Wusik here. Nice guy, but products are rarely fixed or maintained after release. At least one project he had a pre-sale “group buy” on was never released. Maybe two.

    Once Wusik has your email address, you will get email from them until they go out of business.

    And, seriously, if you can’t save presets in this instrument, it’s useless.

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