Silver Is A FREE Kontakt Player Library By Audiobro


Audiobro has released a new free Kontakt Player library called Silver.

The project is an ambitious, growing collection of carefully curated sounds to inspire creative music makers.

Silver started as a single deeply sampled tongue drum library. It evolved into a diverse instrument with enough variety of sounds to create entire tunes with this virtual instrument alone.

In my opinion, Silver looks and sounds like one of the best Kontakt freebies I’ve encountered for a while.

The interface is slick and easy to use, with a huge palette of inspiring tones at your fingertips.

Silver is packed with presets and snapshots to get you started.

At the time of writing, it comes with five main instruments: Silver Tongue, Bowls, Pads, Basses, and an Electronic Drum Kit.

Silver Tongue was the library’s first embryo, as mentioned in the introduction. It features a multi-dynamic tongue drum played with hands, soft mallets, and metal mallets.

It also includes Round Robin, unmuted and muted isolated tongue tines, and a controllable resonance from the central reso knob.

The other instruments also include various articulations for more creative options and expressiveness.

The Electronic Drum Kit is probably the most generic. At the same time, the Pads category includes inspiring patches of string harmonics, bell and guitar tones, and fat analog synth sounds.

One cool thing to try is completely transforming the patches into something new.

Indeed, Silver offers a selection of customizable effects on the right-hand side of the interface.

In particular, each of the two vertical faders offers a drop-down menu of 16 FX chains that can be combined in various ways.

For instant access, there are also one-knob effects and buttons such as Reverb, Delay, Filter (also with Q control), and Chop 8th and 16th.

The latter creates those classic trance-inspired gated effects and is particularly effective with the pad patches.

You’ll also find Tune and Fine controls for pitch adjustments, as well as the essential global volume, attack, and decay of the main amplitude envelope.

Silver integrates seamlessly with NI’s Komplete Kontrol software and the NKS ecosystem.

It’s approximately 500MB in size with lossless compressed audio files (closer to 1GB uncompressed) and is compatible with the latest version of Kontakt 7 Player.

Download: Silver (FREE)


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