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Bedroom Producers Blog teamed up with Waves Audio to offer the Kramer HLS Channel plugin for FREE to all BPB readers starting at 9am (EST) on April 12th. The offer will last for exactly 48 hours.

Following the success of our recent Mastering The Mix Limiter giveaway (with 25k licenses gifted to BPB readers in under 36 hours), we are thrilled to announce that all BPB readers will receive a free copy of the Kramer HLS Channel by Waves.

Please visit this page at 9am (EST) on April 12th, when we’ll unveil the free plugin and open the signup link.

We will also announce the launch in our newsletter (sign up today to get the latest freeware news in your inbox), Facebook page, and Twitter (ok, X).

The giveaway is now live. Please click the teal GET THE FREEBIE button below the article to claim your free copy.

Waves Kramer HLS Channel

Kramer HLS Channel faithfully recreates an input channel from the famed Helios console used in the Rolling Stones Mobile studio. The plugin captures the coloration characteristics of the line and mic preamps while also faithfully reproducing the original three-band equalizer.

Waves meticulously recreated the Helios console’s features using a module from the original Rolling Stones mobile console as the blueprint.

The plugin is particularly effective for enhancing vocals, strings, and acoustic guitars, adding a rich sheen without harshness. It also proves versatile across various instruments for adding gentle harmonic distortion and making the processed track stand out in a mix.

Of course, as with most other mixing plugins, you’re not limited to using it on a single type of instrument. Here’s a video on how well the Kramer HLS Channel works on drums.

So, if you need a tool to add distinctive warmth and texture to your audio, grab the Kramer HLS Channel for free.

It’s a fantastic 2-in-1 combo of analog-style saturation and musical EQ that will help you enhance your mixes.

Top 20 Waves Plugins

Until tomorrow’s giveaway, you can check out the top 20 best-sellers from Waves Audio.

The list features some of the most popular Waves plugins, such as Waves Tune Real-Time (currently 79% off) and Vocal Rider (currently 83% off).

For additional savings, you can spend $50 to get a free plugin or $80 to get two free plugins. There are over 100 plugins to choose from as a free add-on.

Free Waves Plugin

To claim your free Kramer HLS license, click the teal GET THE FREEBIE button below and follow the instructions.

Please note that you’ll need to sign up for a Waves Audio user account to download and activate the software.

The free download offer started at 9am EST on April 12th and expires at 9am EST on April 14th.

Thank you for reading BPB (your support means the world to me ❤️), and another big thank you to Waves for this kind offer.


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • Michael in South Korea


      Thanks BPB!! Always appreciate a freebie!! I’ve used it already, and like it……… to those of you complaining about it being Waves, or yet “another fx”, then don’t download it!!! Go make some music with what you already have…… most of us don’t care about your whining.
      Just sayin’ 😊

    • When I realized that I already have the secret plugin…(waves Kramer HLS Channel) 😄

      Me too… I like it by the way. Nice color.

  1. @BPB: You nailed it initially, it’s “Twitter,” not “X.”
    The hubris of the man, trying to make it sound cooler by rebranding it into something so vague that the majority of references to it now read “[…] X (formerly known as Twitter) […]” which, I think Prince deserves royalties for. XD

    • Well, since Waves makes much more FX than synths, chances are higher, that they give away FX.

      Anyway, we´ll just need some patience until it´s clear, what it is this time…

      at least, we can be sure, that it´s good quality, as it comes from Waves ;-)

    • you can get 1 license with the CURRENT major version for free – it will remain free for “all time” that it can be used (well, someday even oooooold computer become too oooooold to remain working with then-outdated software).

      IF Waves decides to release the next major version for their plug-ins within 1 year from today, you can upgrade your v14 to v15 for free – this is, what the Waves Update Plan is meant for (as far as I understand).
      In this case, you´ll keep v15 “forever” instead of v14, otherwise your license will remain on v14 for free…

      v14 which is the current version, should be usable for quite a few years from now on, so there´s no real reason to worry.

    • 9 A M in the EST time zone = Eastern Standard Time

      the combination of a timezone calculator website and a small bit of understanding can help

    • Bro, it’s BPB. Did they ever announce the winners of a giveaway on time? Did they ever do the blog redesign, as announced in 2022? why did you expect this “hidden gem that everybody is waiting for and nobody yet has” would be on time?

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Hi, I’m trying to make BPB the best website for music producers and I’m doing it the best way I can. Many readers love it and that’s what’s pushing me forward. If you don’t enjoy it, that’s fine, too. The giveaway launches today at 9am EST and it will launch on time, as announced.

  2. Is this giveaway happening or not? the link about freebie redirects to WAVES website, I login but it says this promo has not started

  3. Hello, génial, merci…j’ai acheté le Kramer Pie compressor il y a 1 mois (j’ai hésité avec le HLS)…et c’est vous qui me l’offrez !!!

  4. Marcelo Ribeiro Simões


    Oooooh, nooooo…
    …this same plugin has already been used to capture more consumers by Waves previously…

  5. Ferenc Mosolyhozó


    many of us here can use it only for having a bit more from the damn Waves update plan for this product. But there are always beginners. Before I started my adventure in music there were definitely many limited time freebies. So thank you for my 3rd license. i am a big license collector. Collecting licenses doesn’t kill neither my hard disk nor my living room. And this time I can feed my license-hunger just by pressing a button.

  6. gracias BPB , son lo maximo , de verdad , una de las mejores cosas que me paso en la vida fue conocer BPB , con amor desde chile

  7. This is one of the first limited time plugin giveaways that I couldn’t care less about missing. Lol. Hope all who managed to snag it in time are happy with your new Wave product. Look out for that WUP in a year! :)~

  8. Answerer of Dumb Questions


    Yes, I have 3 copies of this now! Please keep giving this plugin out for free as I want to collect them all!

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