Get FREE LIMITER Plugin By Mastering The Mix — OFFER EXPIRED


Instead of making jokes on April 1st, we decided to do something more productive for our readers (thank you so much for supporting BPB!). Mastering The Mix kindly provided 25,000 FREE copies of the LIMITER (€58,95 value) plugin for Bedroom Producers Blog readers, and we will give them away on April Fools’ Day.

To get your free LIMITER license, visit the Bedroom Producers Blog homepage at 5pm GMT on April 1st, 2024. The giveaway will be featured at the top of the homepage. The first 25,000 visitors will be able to get the plugin for free.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now live! Please click the GET FREE LIMITER button at the bottom of this page.

So, add a reminder to your calendar now and be among the first to grab the free license!

Until then, let’s quickly examine Mastering The Mix LIMITER.

Do you need Mastering The Mix LIMITER?

Good limiter plugins aren’t that hard to find if you read BPB regularly, but what if you need a plugin that will do most of the hard work for you? That’s where the Limiter by Mastering The Mix steps in.

Designed to speed up your mastering workflow, MTM Limiter analyzes your mix and applies the best settings based on your audio. It’s a smart limiter plugin that can help you make better-sounding mixes faster.

I have used Mastering The Mix Limiter numerous times, and it does an excellent job in the loudness department. It also makes it easier to make limiting decisions when working in non-ideal conditions, like mixing with headphones while traveling.

There’s no denying that a professional mastering engineer will always provide a master that sounds better than what you’d get from a plugin. However, professional mastering services are costly, and it’s nice to be able to get some of that quality for a fraction of the price.

So, while this Mastering The Mix plugin won’t literally master your tracks for you, it can provide very decent results automatically. You can then use that as the starting point for additional tweaking and fine-tuning until you’re pleased with the mastered track.

The workflow is simple. Here’s a quick rundown.

You load the Limiter on your master track and select a preset. Then, point it to the loudest part of your track and click the Analyze button. The software will analyze the audio and display the target loudness range along with the suggested attack, release, and ceiling knob values.

This is where you can take over and tweak the limiter while carefully listening to how it affects your audio. Again, I used this process on many different music mixes and for my sound design work on Flame Sound and 99Sounds, and I’m very happy with the results.

I still stick to my other limiters like VladG Limiter N°6 and LoudMax sometimes, but I almost always use Mastering The Mix Limiter as a point of reference before deciding on the final settings.

Get your FREE copy of Mastering The Mix LIMITER!

So, let’s summarize. We have 25,000 free copies of Mastering The Mix LIMITER for Bedroom Producers Blog readers.

To get a free copy, visit the Bedroom Producers Blog website at 5pm GMT on April 1st, 2024. The giveaway article will be visible on the homepage.

Please keep in mind that these licenses go pretty fast. The last time we ran a similar giveaway with Mastering The Mix, the first 5,000 licenses were claimed in less than 5 minutes! So, be sure to visit BPB on time.

See you on April 1st. Thank you for reading BPB! ❤️

Also, a big THANK YOU to our friends at Mastering The Mix for offering this gift to BPB readers.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now LIVE. Please click the button below to claim your free license.

UPDATE: The offer has ended. We delivered all 25,000 licenses to BPB readers.

More info: LIMITER (€58,95 value, 25,000 FREE licenses available exclusively on BPB)


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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. i already have this one but for anyone who doesn’t – it’s totally worth it, one of my favorite limiters, make sure to grab a free copy!!! :3

  2. That’s 4am here in Australia
    What about doing half of them at 5pm GMT on April 1st, and half at 5am that morning or the following day? At least other people around the world can participate then

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Mark, we’ll try to provide enough licenses for the full day. If we run out, we’ll try to get more for you.

  3. Just another requesst to think about all those in Australia and similar time zones: you’re asking us to apply at 4am which is just a bit anti-social!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Mark, we’ll do our best to provide enough licenses for the entire 24-hour period. If licenses run out before everyone gets the chance to claim one for free (on April 1st, regardless of their timezone), we’ll do our best to provide more.

  4. Thank you Tomislav for hustling to get your readers this great plugin for free. I use this while producing to get a feel of how things will sound when mastered, and also highlight issues whilst mixing.
    Using two of them on the Master works well where the first limiter is configured as a clipper, reducing peaks by 3db. Happy Easter!

  5. Muito bom bpb
    Vocês sempre trazendo forma de nós ajudar
    Esse plugin mastering é muito bom
    Vai ajudar bastante nas minhas produções

    • Simö….mas somente free no dia 1 de abril as 5 horas da tarde e aqui na BP homepage :-)
      è um bom plugin ,,;.)

  6. Daniel Schumacher


    Promptly at the bpb homepage. Not seeing the free limiter offer yet. 10 minutes in. Hope it shows up soon!

  7. I see no code.

    So it was an April Fool’s joke anyways. I don’t get it, where’s the fun about this kind of stuff.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      It’s not a joke! The giveaway is now live. Please enjoy the gift, and thank you for reading BPB! :)

    • It’s insanely ridiculous how many people can’t read and use google to know what 5 pm gmt means in their time zone. I’m definitely not thrilled to listen what kind of music such clever individuals can come up with.

        • idk I didn’t have any problems with GMT. Just typed “5pm gmt” in google a day before the giveaway, and it showed me the accurate time in my time zone.
          And I can understand those who came an hour earlier, but what about all those who complained many hours before that and accused BPB in supposedly cruel joke? What’s their excuse?

  8. Hey! It’s almost half an hour past the time this was supposed to start at. I’ve been refreshing constantly, i don’t see anything on the website yet. Am i missing something?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Definitely not a joke. The giveaway is now live! Thank you for your patience and for reading BPB. :)

  9. 40 minutes in. Hope it shows up soon! These guys are very serious, they do things conscientiously, give them a while. Surely they are having some setback. hahaha and I go and believe it! jajjaja

  10. It’s currently 3:46 in the UK (GMT) as I type this. Our clocks went forward 1 hour in the early hours of Sunday. The times next to each comment are showing an hour ahead of this…..

    • I’m in the UK and it’s 4pm GMT. Instead of limiting the amount of licences, I think having it run for x amount of time (24 hours, for example) is a better approach to these kinds of things. Looking forward to trying the plugin out.

  11. Everyone saying it’s not there: it was for 5pm GMT, which is currently at 3pm. Assuming it was meant as GMT and not London time (which changed to BST yesterday so is GMT+1 now) there are still 2 hours left. Either way there’s at least 1 or 2 hours left until 5pm. Hope that helps :)

  12. Frits van Zanten


    Was not rally interested, but coincidently came here and thought. well, why not? The mail says 0 hours to wait, but elsewhere it say 17;00 GMT, so there’s still two hours to go? Something is not in sync, clearly. Will we get a Free Mastering The Clock plugin too? Or Mastering the Ticks? Someone is mastering the clicks, though.

    i do think this is not good for brand reputation.

  13. Unfortunately, the marketing email from BPB computed the launch time to an hour ago: My thought is that ‘GMT’ has many meanings – marketing should have stated 5.00 pm (Europe city standard time). GMT is too vague.

    Here is my email with count down timer:

    This is NOT an April Fool’s joke!

    BPB will provide 25,000 FREE copies of LIMITER by Mastering The Mix. The offer will launch at 5 pm (GMT) on April 1st, 2024.

    Time left until the launch:

    00 00 00 00
    days hours minutes seconds

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      It’s now live! I’ll be more precise regarding the time zone in the future. Apologies for the delay, and I hope you’ll enjoy the freebie.

  14. I think that, somehow, they joked about the time.
    It’s 15:12 GMT, it’s 10:12 GMT -5, the email counter is at 00:00:00:00, and there’s nothing on the homepage nor in the article.

    We’ve been fooled 🥴😅😂🥺😢😭🤭

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      It’s now live. I apologize for the delay, there are many moving parts so I had to make sure that everything is running 100% smoothly before launching the freebie.

  15. Data Collaborate


    Well i was here at gmt+1 at 17:00 and now at 18:00 which might be 5PM in London Time but yeah…
    Still winnable?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Phew, yeah, it was a bit delayed because these giveaways are always a bit tricky to pull off, but I got it working in the end. Thank you for your patience!

  16. Well for me it doesn’t work. When I enter the code (key) licence that I received by mail in the installer it send me a message :incorrect code??
    no time for that.. i give up.. and I don’t want this 15 trial of every product.. It seems that we can’t pass this point. Honnestly I don’t apreciate.

    • Guys thank you so much, this place is awsome. what a gift just dropped on my daw. Super thanks. None can do it beer than BPB

  17. MultipliedCow


    Things like this are why I recommend your site to all of my musician friends. You like to do special stuff for us and we greatly appreciate it. You also have one of the most up to date sites for deals and freebies. I especially love all of the articles that give a little bit better of a description of the plugins. Plus your website is easy to navigate. Thank you, BPB team, for all that you do!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thank you so much for the kind words. I do 90% of the admin work on BPB, and it’s sometimes hard to keep everything running smoothly, so it’s wonderful to hear that readers still find BPB helpful. Thank you for your support!

  18. Successfully redeemed, thanks yet again Tomislav & team!

    I had to stay up till 1am past midnight (Malaysian here), but it was worth it, & the thrill of waiting through the countdown gave me pleasant flashbacks to when the ANIMATE giveaway event was kickstarted early last year, haha!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Haha, I’m glad you got a free copy, Darryl! I remember the Animate giveaway, too. It took me a few tries to get everything working properly and Mastering The Mix team was super helpful, too!

  19. All this link does is send to an endless series of “ENTER EMAIL” “DOWNLOAD INSTALLER OF ALL OUR PLUGINS” “CREATE ACCOUNTS” etc etc. Some “freebie”.

    • You don’t need an account. Just an email. The installer just contains all the plugins and doesn’t live on your pc. Check box the ones you want (ie just Limiter), then enter the serial when you use the plugin.

  20. pas moyen d’avoir le limiteur gratuit…il me demande ma carte bancaire et veulent que je paye…soit c’est bidon, soit trop compliqué pour accéder à la gratuité…je ne vais pas tourner en rond pendant des heures…tant pis

    • As-tu bien utilisé le gros bouton “GET FREE LIMITER” et non pas le lien “LIMITER” en dessous ?
      Je viens de tester, cela fonctionne encore pour moi.

    • hier ça ne fonctionnait pas du tout, je pouvais cliquer 200 fois sur le bouton ça ne menait à rien…et ce matin ça fonctionne

      • Les joies de l’informatique… Le serveur a dû prendre cher, Tomislav parle de 5000 licences en 5 minutes. Bon ben, bonne nouvelle alors. ^_^;

  21. Please tell me who registered it – does it somehow indicate that it is NFR or not? I already have 3 such licenses, obtained in other promotions and all NFRs.

      • Thanks for the answer!
        No!) I try to have all the licenses that are not NFR, because it happens that products become outdated and are no longer supported and it would be nice to have an option so that they could be transferred to someone. I love having my accounts organized without unnecessary licenses!

  22. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


    (For those who preferred a joke anyway…)

  23. Thank you very much for the plugin.
    It took some time to find where to enter the registration code.
    But in the top left of the plugin and it worked.

    Pieter Netherlands

  24. Michal Ochedowski


    I find it a bit odd that a professional limiter doesn’t display the amount of gain reduction in dBs. Especially when the description in the bottom bar says “Gain reduction meter in dB.” Where are those dBs then? :)

  25. Got the email about this on April 2nd. No probs with getting a license code though haven’t installed and tested it yet. Thanks!

  26. Michal Ochedowski


    I don’t recall anyone commenting on the quality of this limiter. After some initial tests I have to give props to the developer. This plugin can sound transparent. To my ears it doesn’t have any character of its own, which is good if someone only wants to tame the peaks. Bare in mind I only used it sparingly on the master bus with no more that 3 dB of gain reduction. ENERGY and PUNCH sliders were at 0. Later I also checked ENERGY with 4.0 setting and liked what I heard. I could call it gentle distortion.

  27. Not sure it is worth it. That is certainly one of the most obnoxious download processes I’ve ever dealt with. They make you deal with an installer, require that you sign up for their newsletter (okay, pretty normal so far for free plugins), but then by default select ALL plugins in ALL versions to be installed on your hard drive (they will just take up space and annoy the fuck out of you until you pay for a license), and once again require that you sign up for marketing emails and provide the names and social security numbers of your first born child. Everything except for the last thing is true.

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