Denise Audio Releases Motion Filter Plugin With 43% OFF Intro Price


Today, Denise Audio launched the Motion Filter digital filter plugin at an introductory price of $39 – 43% off the list price of $69. 

Motion Filter is a 64-bit only Windows and macOS release for VST, VST3, AU, and AAX.

Denise Audio describes Motion Filter as a “state-of-the-art digital filter with two configurable motion modes to liven up your sounds.”

The plugin is designed to “create movement that responds to your track’s dynamics, or build sweeping tonal shifts that unfold over time.”

The developers designed it to retain the shape and response of the filter intact, even at extreme settings.

Motion Filter can run like a traditional filter with a twist or “transform any sonic material into an ear-catching mix element.”

The plugin can also act as a surgical alternative to sidechain tools. 

Motion Filter has lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filter modes, with slopes ranging from a gentle 12 dB per octave to a more surgical 96 dB per octave. 

It also features the modulate motion filter with the classic Sweeper mode from the original Denise Audio The Sweeper plugin for envelope-controlled sweeps and a new LFO mode for waveform-based movement.

These are complemented by detailed motion parameters for dialing in the custom movement for various applications. 

There are several audio demos on the product page showing the Motion Filter in action, as well as an in-depth official tutorial on YouTube. 

The interface is designed for simplicity, as well as to easily visualize the filter action and alter its behavior. 

The plugin allows you to sync the LFO rate or envelope release time to the host, allowing you to sync the sweeps with the track tempo. 

Furthermore, the sidechain input can be used to allow the dynamics from a different source to control the filter envelope. 

Denise Audio provided some background on potential applications for the Motion Filter: “Whether you’re looking to subtly enhance static samples, add timbral interest to vocals, or emphasize the punch of dynamic sources like drums, creative producers have long turned to techniques from subtractive synthesis for inspiration.” 

Motion Filter follows Denise Audio’s release of the Bass XXL enhancement tool plugin, which dropped in December last year. 

The Bass XXL is currently on sale for $39, which is reduced from the usual list price of $69.

Check out the deal: Motion Filter (Introductory price $39 – 43% off  the list price of $69)


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