Vain Audio Releases FREE Orange Gate Plugin For Windows


Vain Audio released Orange Gate, a free gating plugin for Windows only. 

Vain Audio describes Orange Gate as a “straightforward gating plugin that lets you control audio dynamics effortlessly.”

The developer continues, saying the tool “allows you to gate through filtered input, giving you precise control over your audio.”

The Orange Gate controls are on, off, attack, and decay. The trigger-by-filter input mode features a lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop.

Note that Vain Audio plugins use a self-signed code signing certificate because “Getting yourself into the list of trusted publishers is expensive.” 

Therefore installing the plugin may require you to manually override a Windows protection warning. Bedroom Producers Blog cannot vouch for the safety of the file, so you’ll have to decide whether you want to take the risk of doing the override or not. 

To download the plugin, you’ll need to create an account on the Vain Audio website, which requires an email address.

After that, you can access the download page, which features access to all three of the developer’s plugins. From there, you can download the installer.

The installer is for a VST3 install, which is the only format option available. 

Vain Audio is an independent audio software developer founded in 2023, which so far offers three plugin releases, all of which are free. 

The Vain Audio plugin lineup also features the Coercion dynamic waveshaper and Fumigate, a multi-band stereoizing plugin. The interface of all the plugins features a gritty DIY vibe. 

There don’t seem to be any audio demos available for any of the three plugins available at present.

All three plugins are Windows exclusives, with VST3 being the only available format. 

The Fumigate stereoizer features chorus and stereo widening modules, and you can process the audio in up to five separate frequency bands. 

The Coercion waveshaper is “designed to explore the uncharted territories of sonic manipulation.” 

To that end, Vain Audio has provided 10 modules, offering “the flexibility to craft a limitless amount of unique audio distortion chains, pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

The developer has also thoughtfully provided “75 low-effort presets just for you.”

Orange Gate is the most minimalist plugin release from Vain Audio so far, with Fumigate having a somewhat busier interface, while Coercion really stretches its legs.

Download: Orange Gate (FREE – Vain Audio account required)


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  1. Can it be put on the FX chain, so that it gates just playing the synth ?

    Or does the sequencer have to run for it to become active ?

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