Denise Audio Releases Bass XXL Plugin (43% Off Intro Sale)


Denise Audio debuted the Bass XXL plugin, an enhancement tool that enables you to boost and color low-end frequencies. The plugin is offered at a 43% discount during the intro sale.

Bass XXL is an update from the Bass XL and is available for Windows and Mac. 

You can pick it up at the introductory price of $39, which is 43% off the list price of $69. There is also a free trial with limited functionality. 

The plugin is Denise Audio’s first release since the company was acquired by Baby Audio in September 2023. 

The Bass XXL supersizes the low-end by “generating additional harmonics that are above the bass frequency you want to enhance.”

The plugin is designed to help you quickly and easily produce a defined low-end on a variety of sources. 

Denise Audio has provided demos of the Bass XXL on six different sources on the product page and also included the ability to listen dry and wet, which is quite handy.

The demos show off what the plugin can do on individual sources such as 808s, kicks, and bass guitar, as well as its ability to beef up a drum bus or mix bus. 

The developer also highlights toms and bass lines as Bass XXL’s bread and butter.

Denise Audio explains that the Bass XXL is not a sub-synth and is in fact a “highly specialized effect plugin that takes your dry track and carefully generates harmonics in a contained frequency area, then blends these harmonics into your track.”

It achieves this by taking advantage of a “psychoacoustic phenomenon which makes our brain perceive more low-end, even if there isn’t any.” The developer notes that it’s at home at achieving big bass sounds on big and small speaker setups. 

Furthermore, the harmonics are derived entirely from your original track (unlike a sub-synth) and therefore the plugin produces a natural-sounding enhancement rather than sounding like an extra instrument layer. 

The user interface includes a real-time spectrum graph and the following parameters: Root, Harmonics, Boost, Pre-delay, Mono, Slope, Range, Bypass, and In and Out levels.

Denise Audio states that the plugin is lightweight to run and does not introduce phasing issues or latency. 

The Bass XXL is compatible with Windows 7 or newer for VST3, VST, and AAX. For Mac users, it’s available on OSX 10.7 or newer Big Sur (Native M1 / M2 included) for VST, VST3, AU and AAX.

The plugin is 64-bit only for both Windows and Mac. 

Check out the deal: Bass XXL (Introductory price $39 – 43% off the list price of $69)


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  1. Thanks SC, BPB i like the way this plugin works by tracking midi notes, kind of like a drift eq effect, very clever and the compatibility is very flexible, great 😊

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