Zero-G Releases Shadow Strings Cello Library For Kontakt (20% OFF)


Zero-G just launched its Shadow Strings cello Kontakt library at the introductory price of $55.95, which is 20% off the list price of $69.95. 

The library requires the full version of Kontakt 7.8.1 or newer and does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

Zero-G describes Shadow Strings as “a thriller cello library of multi-sampled pads, loops, and various string effects.” 

The developer promises the plugin will introduce you to “a darker side of the cello that can add suspense, mystery, and a sense of uniqueness to any of your compositions.”

Zero-G tapped cellist and plugin designer Ben Osterhouse of Osterhouse Sounds to create the library, which is intended to go beyond traditional cello sounds and cover unconventional textures and effects.

Shadow Strings has over 2,000 samples, provided in 24-bit, 44.1 kHz NCW file format.

The expanded size of the library is 2.5 GB. The release features 58 articulations, 65 basic NKI presets, and 50 designed NKI presets

Zero-G embedded three Soundcloud demos on the product page that show Shadow Strings in action, which display an evocative and varied array of soundscapes.  

Osterhouse also presented an in-depth YouTube walkthrough, which is a real deep dive. 

Use cases for the library include film soundtracks, ambient electronica, experimental music, and more. 

Osterhouse expounded on the origin of Shadow Strings, saying the library is “not so much about recreating the sound of the instruments realistically and accurately – it’s about finding sounds that work well when time-stretched, layered with synths, and fed through effects.” 

The developer described the palette of the library as ranging “from haunting drones to gritty pulses, ethereal harmonics to distorted screeches, each sound is imbued with a sense of intrigue and mystery, ready to add depth and character to your compositions.”

Osterhouse made a point of capturing the samples spontaneously, resulting in a more natural-sounding virtual instrument.

Rather than clinically recording everything in the standard sample library process, he played the parts “with abandon.” Then, he went through a curation and editing process to capture the best moments. 

For each articulation in Shadow Strings, the developer has included brief notes, such as the BPM it was originally recorded in, descriptions that outline the sound and character of the articulation and hints on how to modulate it with the parameters. 

Kontakt is available in 64-bit only for Windows and Mac.

Check out the deal: Shadow Strings (20% off – $55.95 – requires the full version of Kontakt 7.8.1 or newer)


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