Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Cello Moods Sound Library For LABS


Spitfire Audio releases Cello Moods, the latest FREE instrument expansion from the LABS collection.

We have covered LABS so many times now that there should be no surprises, and maybe for some, that’s the case. But, each new addition still leaves me saying I can’t believe this is free!

Cello Moods is the latest addition, and it’s one of the most cinematic yet. Everything that Spitfire Audio does is cinematic, but few instruments are as emotionally gripping on their own as the cello.

Spitfire Audio describes Cello Moods as “a collection of emotive micro-performances.” These micro-performances have been captured in stunning quality in typical LABS style with composer and co-founder Cristian Henson at the helm.

LABS created the collection from a series of improvisations played in four different moods. The featured moods are Awe, Melancholy, Tension, and Wistfulness.

The four moods cover an extensive range of heavy and subtle emotions, making Cello Moods a versatile instrument for many projects.

One of the things that makes Cello Moods a little more special than the average LABS instrument is the remarkable playing of Alice Allen. Alice is a gifted cellist who has performed around the world with some absolutely incredible ensembles. Her roots are in Scottish Traditional music, and she brings many of those traditional techniques to various other genres.

More than anything else, the ability to convey and control emotion through the cello impresses me. I recommend checking out Alice’s music while looking at Cello Moods.

Cello Moods works with the same Spitfire Audio plugin as all other LABS instruments, meaning it shares the same simple interface. Available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.10 – 11) and Windows (7, 8, 10).

If I listened to the Cello Moods demo on the product page under the impression that it was a paid (and expensive) library, I wouldn’t question it.

The most recent LABS instruments we have covered are Astral Forms and Glass Piano. I particularly like Glass Piano as much for the connection to Phillip Glass as I do for its sound.

LABS is an incredible resource for outstanding free instruments.

Download: Cello Moods (free expansion pack for LABS)


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