SUPERBOOTH24: Get Your ‘80s on With Dreadbox Murmux Analog Poly Synth


Dreadbox launched the new Murmux Adept analog polyphonic synthesizer, a hardware unit that’ll set you back a cool €2,180 + VAT (Sweetwater lists it at $2,999.)

Bedroom Producers Blog saw this bad boy in action on the floor of Superbooth Berlin this week. Watch our video above the article (thanks to Minimal Audio for sponsoring our SB24 coverage).

As you can see in the video, Orpheas from Dreadbox gives a full rundown of the feature set and also a demo on the show floor.

As heard in the video, the Murmux Adept sounds impressive. It gives off full ‘80s vibes that bring the original Blade Runner soundtrack to mind. That said, there is a range of sounds on tap. 

Also, keep in mind that the asking price is fairly steep. But if that vibe is up your alley, this flagship release from Murmux might just be what you’re after. 

Note that the Murmux Adept is limited to 300 units. 

The Adept is the third edition of the Murmux synth; among other updates, it’s now polyphonic. 

Let’s look at the rest of the features. The Murmux Adept offers a fully analog eight-voice synthesis and comes in a handmade wooden enclosure. 

The synth has two envelope generators: a 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass filter, a 6 dB/octave high-pass filter, and a 6 dB/octave low-pass boost.

It also has a smart mixer/oscillator design section and nine LFOs, one per voice plus a global LFO. 

As the Dreadbox staff member at Superbooth explained, the master LFO is “monophonic, and it’s global and assignable to all the parameters.” The other LFOs are polyphonic. 

Other features include an analog stereo BBD chorus/flanger/comb filter, a “nostalgic” hybrid stereo delay (up to one second), and a stereo spread system. 

The synth has one knob per function and 150 factory presets, as well as 399 preset slots.

Concerning connectivity, the Adept has a five-pin MIDI I/O, USB-B port, stereo audio output, and headphone jack.

Dreadbox has done a great job with the control layout, and it seems like it would be pretty straightforward to dive right in and start creating with the synth. 

It seems that Dreadbox has said everything they want to say with the Murmux line at this point, and they describe the Adept as “the third and final version – the epilogue of the Murmux series, the synthesizer that started it all for Dreadbox.”

Check it out: Murmux Adept

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