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Brainworx is offering an 88% discount on its channel strip plugins ($39.99 each) on Plugin Boutique until May 26th.

With in-the-box tools such as DAWs and VST plugins taking over the music production world, we often miss the pleasing color and workflow of analog gear. 

Some of this can be obtained using plugins inspired by or designed after classic hardware.

One such is Brainworx’s bx_console Focusrite SC, modeled after the legendary Focusrite ISA-110 and ISA-130 units.

ISA-110 was Sir George Martin and Rupert Neve’s shared vision; a “top-of-the-line mic preamp and EQ with low noise, extra wide bandwidth, and an incredibly musical sound.” 

The Focusrite Studio Console was born after combining it with the ISA-130 compressor/limiter/de-esser unit.

Although only 9 of these units are available today, you can enjoy Brainworx’s emulation from the comfort of your DAW.

I’ve had this plugin for a while, and I have to say, I love the design and sound of it, and it shows its strength when used on multiple tracks in the mix. It’s got a nice GUI and 3 main sections.

The first module is dynamics and includes a compressor, gate/expander, and de-esser.

The compressor is very simple and sounds great and while I haven’t found much use for the expander as a gate it works very well, especially for drums. 

The de-esser features a “Listen” function, which helps isolate sibilant frequencies efficiently.

There is also a sidechain filter module with several routing options to control which frequencies trigger the gate, compressor, or both.

The EQ module features lowpass and highpass filters and 4 bell bands, 2 of which can also be used as high/low shelves. You can also use “EQ Post” to place the EQ before or after the dynamics module.

The final module has VU and gain reduction meters, TMT, “V Gain” and THD. TMT simulates “channel-to-channel variances in electronic components”, with an option to randomize it for realistic analogue goodness.

V Gain is essentially noise floor level, and THD “adds colorful saturation independently per channel”.

Should you purchase this (or any other) plugin on Plugin Boutique until the end of May, you can also grab Ozone 11 Elements for free.

bx_console Focusrite SC is available for Windows and MacOS (Apple Silicon Supported except for AAX) in formats VST2, VST3, AAX DSP, AAX Native, and AU.

Download: bx_console Focusrite SC (88% until May 26th @ Plugin Boutique – $39.99)


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