Quiet Music Releases FREE Dream Waves Lite Virtual Instrument


Quiet Music has released a new free electric-piano-style virtual instrument called DreamWaves Lite.

UPDATE: The plugin currently costs $1.

Over the years, Quiet Music has released several instruments and made free versions of many of them available.

This time, it’s no exception, and as you might expect, DreamWaves Lite is a condensed version of their new release, DreamWaves.

While offering the same UI and controls, DreamWaves Lite offers only 7 out of the 71 presets of the full version (which is priced at 16€ until the end of May and 30€ afterward). 

With this plugin, you can get “electric piano-style sounds in various flavors and textures,” allowing you to use them in various styles, including ambient, chillout, downtempo, lo-fi, and hip-hop.

The first preset is called Asfreda, which is a crunchy keyboard sound with tremolo modulation and a generous amount of reverb. Dynamic Lane is a cleaner e-piano sound reminiscent of a Fender Rhodes.

Epianic is a much more washy and distorted sound, with a bit of chorus mixed in. Evolvnt is even washier, almost pad-like, but without the distortion and chorus. I could see it come in really handy for ambient music.

Harmonic Hues has a bit more sparkly top end compared to the other patches and has a nice electric piano sound to it, while Klonech is very synthy/metallic, with what seems to be a layer of choir underneath.

Finally, Swooshtik is another classic e-piano sound with some sort of “firework” sounding layer underneath it, and a good amount of reverb.

The UI is fairly simple. You’ve got a keyboard visual in the middle, a preset selector on top, and other controls on the sides.

As for controls, the main section includes panning, cutoff (with a choice of a lowpass or hi-pass filter), fine-tuning, and global volume. Envelope ADSR and LFO modulation allow you to tweak the sound quite a bit.

As for effects, you have distortion, reverb, chorus, and delay, with the ability to offset the left and right delays, which is always nice to see.

DreamWaves Lite runs on Windows and MacOS in VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats on 64-bit machines. However, there is no AAX version, so it will not run in Pro Tools.

UPDATE: The plugin currently costs $1. We are reaching out to Quiet Music to get more information about the price change.

Download: DreamWaves Lite (FREE – 340MB Download)


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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for the comment, Dave. Indeed, it seems that they’re charging $1 now. I’ll check what’s going on – in the meanwhile, I updated the article.

      • Scherbenfabrik


        There was a coupon code for me, before the checkout. I copy-pasted it in at the next page and it worked.

      • Scherbenfabrik


        And it still is. Above the “I want this” Button is a message: “100% off will be applied at checkout” and a code. Copy-paste into the Discount code field and apply will reduce the price to 0.

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